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The fantasy world of Infernum, full of riddles, awaits you. This world is not a peaceful place, the civilians live in fear of being attacked by cruel and terrible monsters. Devastation and fear reigns in the land of Infernum, dark times have come for all the inhabitants. The only hope of salvation for the inhabitants of Infernum is you. Only your character, under the responsive guidance of the player can restore order in these lands. At your disposal are powerful weapons, as well as magical skills and effective spells against the hordes of enemies.

In the process requires the development of the hero not only his skills, as well as equipment and equipment. The choice is yours alone, on whose side to play, Can you resist the temptation to take the dark side. Choose good or evil closer to you. Other players will make you great competition, which will spur you to strive for development and new achievements. Take first place and be the best in the world of Infernum.

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