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The game Chronicles of Chaos immerse yourself in a world of brave heroes. Create a worthy team of heroes who will amaze everyone with their bravery and wisdom. Pump up your team so they were invincible to their enemies. Their goal is to take the pedestal Savior of the whole world from the Archidemon. The world of Dominion needs you. The game contains 5 classes of heroes: tank, fighter, shooter, mage, healer. Explore each of the heroes and assemble your unique team. Each hero has his own rank, the more stars, the more increase in characteristics the character will have. Keep in mind that each character has its own unique characteristics, for example, a tank Astaroth can put a shield on the entire team and save them from damage.

The aim of the game is to develop your heroes to create a team of specialists who can work together. In battles with your opponents, assign your heroes to the front, center and back line according to your unique strategy. Upgrade your hero by accumulating soulstones. Remember that experience and team level affects the maximum level of your heroes in the individual score.

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