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Dive into the world of the game Shini. The main character suffers from an ailment, it's memory lapses. But he needs to go into a world of exciting adventures, which can be very dangerous. His main task is to protect the capital of the conductors of souls. At the beginning of the game you choose your hero's class, it can be either a kiken, perhaps a reijin or a kido. Each of them has their own characteristics. Kiken loves to use his two-handed sword and take out his enemies, swinging his weapon left and right and chopping them into small pieces. Raijin wields a bow and dispatches his enemies by sending arrows from a safe distance. Kido is a class that has something in between the previous two classes. Graphics of Shini game will be for your taste, it is pleasing to the eye, made in cartoon style, as it should be anime style. The game will definitely have to please fans of the anime Bleach. The game follows the storyline of the familiar and popular anime.

Your hero will enjoy the beauties of the city Karakur, and also does not bypass the community of souls and be sure to visit Ueko Mundo. The buildings are made according to all the canons of the anime storyline. In the game you will be able to relive all the events that happen to Ichigo and his friends. You will get a chance to save Rukia, engage in a thrilling battle with captains of Kenpachi and Byakuya units, and visit everyone's favorite Urahara store. At the beginning will be unobtrusive training, which will help you learn all the charms of the game. You will have such moments as battles in the arena, exciting battles with bosses and most importantly the development and improvement of the characteristics of your hero. You can gather your team, which will always be glad to support you and help deal with enemies. Also you can call up any characters to help you, but keep in mind that some of them may cost real money, although you can do without it, the choice of allies is diverse

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