CLOSED🐱‍🐉Mail account💰38k gold +66k silver items🐱‍🏍268k total fame ✅Click✅

I am selling my personal account for almost nothing, all the property on it has not been sold. + MAIL
2 private islands, with farms
An excellent account for a comfortable game and entry into any guild or stay in the current one (we live on a locale with mammoths and farm mammoth cubs)
66+kk silver loot in cities (HCE set XBOW), 2 skins for 10kk (1 unit)
💰38k Gold!!!🎆🎉(127kk Silver)
Purchased character skin
3000 learning points

axes 285/crossbows 420/bows 203/druid 150/daggers 350/frost 419/sacred 301
clothing fabric: hats 688/ mantles 611/ sandals 613
leather clothing: hood 478/ jackets 557/ boots 567
plate armor: helmet 306 / armor 90 / boots 241

T8 leather / T6 miner / T6 stone / T5 everything else
Rybak T7
The account did not participate in RMT
For all questions, please pm.

Important! Found a current ad, but don't know what to do next? 1. Press start the deal, if you need to, sign up. 2. You create a transaction, the other party will receive notification of the transaction. 3. After the second party accepts the deal, you get a notification of acceptance, when the deal is confirmed, both parties can top it up. In addition, you can always invite the guarantor to the deal by the button to open a dispute.

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