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You find yourself in the future year 2045 somewhere in South America. Scientists have succeeded in creating clone technology, a kind of biological experiment that allows you to clone any creature or known individual. Clones have incredible abilities and high vitality. They are just a dream for incredible and brutal battles in arenas. You can create your own super army of mutant heroes and even embody the figures of your idols, legendary historical figures or popular people of the modern world. The great generals Napoleon, Alexander the Great or even Hitler, Abraham, the great scientists Newton, Einstein, Mendeleev are also among the many heroes you can take in your army. Create a group of heroes, pump them up, equip them with the best weapons.

Upgrade their skills and send them into combat to bring you a stunning victory. Your team will go into battle and all you have to do is watch them bring you victory.

Automatic mode will allow you to pump your heroes and earn rewards even in your absence, in the background heroes will continue to train and engage in battles. For a successful battle you will receive rewards that you can spend on pumping his team and to buy them a weapon. But do not forget that each of the soldiers has both strengths and weaknesses. Form your squad based on the skills of your charges. You can always create new mutants at the operating base, as well as resort to the method of cloning. Upgrade the attributes of your heroes to improve their performance in battle. Enjoy the awesome graphics of the Clone Evolution Clone Wars puppet game. You can play the game for a long time and it will never get boring. Use your wits and find the most advantageous composition of your clone army which will ensure your victory and bring you glory. Make a worthy competition to other players of the clone world.

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