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Galaxy Battleship is a free space strategy game for cell phones.

The space age has arrived. People have started to create new territories in space. It would seem that all is well and nothing can be spoiled, but all such some people manage to destroy the peaceful space and now people are divided into three forces - the empire, the federation and the republic. Going into the game Galaxy Battleship, you have to choose your camp and become its leader to lead to victory. Cool battles, a huge selection of ships, cool graphics, original music and much more await you in the game Galaxy Battleship. Try your hand at space by downloading Galaxy Battleship.

To participate in battles in Galaxy Battleship, you need to have a good account with cool ships. Getting good ships is quite difficult, because it takes a lot of time. That is, you need to pump up your account every day to get a couple of cool ships. Some people are not willing to wait that long, and many people just don't want to pump their Galaxy Battleship account from the start. In this case, there is only one method to use and that is to order the Galaxy Battleship account pumping service. By ordering our service, you will get a cool Galaxy Battleship account in just a few days, because we have a cool team of kachers who are ready to pump your account.

But if you're planning on pumping yourself, you'll need your own team. Fighting alone in Galaxy Battleship is a stupid decision, because every player needs his own team, his own clan. But the question arises: "How to find your own clan in Galaxy Battleship, because this game is played by a lot of people from different countries? The answer is right in front of your nose. You need to register on our forum and post a thread saying that you're looking for a clan or looking for friends to play Galaxy Battleship. In a few minutes you will be contacted by Galaxy Battleship users and together you will start to conquer this beautiful mobile space strategy game. Also, on our forum you can find out a lot of tips on how to develop your base in Galaxy Battleship, how to develop your own ships and so on. So, join our forum and learn more about Galaxy Battleship together with us.

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