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Stella Arcana is a mobile game in the MMORPG genre. You can buy accounts of this game on our website.

Stella Arcana has many different features that make it attractive to play. The loading screens feature beautiful illustrations of the game characters shopping and eating together. The graphics are honed to perfection, especially in the clips, and the art style is similar to the popular anime these days.

The soundtrack captures the mood perfectly. The music is calming during quests and wandering through cities, but becomes faster and more dramatic during battles. Closing out this aspect is a satisfactory voiceover.

There are goblins and magic in the fantasy world of Stella Arcana. The game begins with a short video leading up to character selection. The player becomes the captain of a group of adventurers chosen by the Sacred Sanctuary to maintain order. The Sacred Sanctum exists as a powerful governing body that gathers the Eternal Stars for a purpose and maintains order.

Learning eventually leads the player to his first major city and first major issue. Players have many ways to accumulate currency or become stronger, including microtransactions. Buttons and tabs always clutter the screen during play, and should be reduced to a reasonable size.
Like many RPGs, Stella Arcana has many quests that bring more experience. As the game progresses, it only gets more boring. The player will find that he performs virtually the same set of tedious quests.

The game allows you to make some of the shredding automatic. The player can click on the text box describing the current quest to automatically move to the objective. Combat can become automatic by tapping the "Auto" button at the bottom of the screen.

Stella Arcana allows players to choose one of five classes. Unfortunately, the character customization menu imposes many restrictions, and some classes allow only one gender. Each class has some role, such as tanking enemy attacks or healing allies. For example, the Rune Mage is known as the damage per second class because it specializes in dealing damage.

Each class can end up activating two groups of talents that help the class perform the role better. The Omni Warrior has a group of talents that allow him to excel as a tank, and another group of talents that allow him to excel as a DPS.

The game allows players to fight in PvP, form guilds together, and build equipment to prepare for battles. The game also allows players to cook food and fish for personal characteristic benefits.

As the player levels up his character, more abilities and special attacks become available. Some methods of getting stronger and improving equipment become available only at higher levels. Once the player reaches level 60, a side quest becomes available that allows him to switch to any other class. Overall, the game has a lot to appeal to a more hardcore audience. You can buy Stella Arcana high level character accounts on our site.

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