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Chaos Chronicles Classmates is a wonderful role-playing game where you have to assemble your own mighty team and start a battle against other players. In the game you can develop your characters, develop their skills and more.

If you think that the game Chronicles of Chaos Classmates has no plot, then you're wrong. You need to save the Dominion lands from various enemies and your loyal comrades are your own team.

Features of the game Chronicles of Chaos Classmates:

1. a huge number of characters with different abilities.
2. Unique pumping system that will not make you bored.
3. Fun and interesting squad adventures. You can create your own squad of your friends.
4. Many different bosses for which you will get valuable rewards.
5. You can participate in various events and for this you will be given certain prizes.
6. Also, you have a unique opportunity to fight with other gamers in the arena.

In general, the list of features of the game Chronicles of Chaos Classmates is endless. That's why we suggest you to go to the game yourself and try it on yourself.

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Don't forget that we have our own forum on the site. There you can chat with other gamers about the game Chaos Chronicles Classmates - get some tips from experienced players or tell the newcomers what to do and how to best level your team. Also, you can find allies for your squad there.