"Personnel" is the same as the composition of the GARANTMARKET site staff, where each is responsible for a small part of the resource's performance. Our resource provides many different services, where each area has its own specialist who closely monitors and is responsible for providing the service. Selected experienced professional, for each of the areas of the resource, our staff will help you with your questions and provide quality services.
Administrator/creator: gmzippo
  • Responsible for the Blacklist;
  • Working with Currency;
  • Value realization;
  • Guarantor services;
  • Working with customers;
  • Technical support;
  • Design/functionality;
  • Site/forum moderation;
  • All other work/services for the resource;
Site Moderator: gmzippo, rukun, GameOver, Kryugger
  • Ad moderation;
  • Comment moderation;
  • Ad moderation;
Forum Moderator: gmzippo, rukun, Kryugger
  • Moderating topics on the forum;
  • Moderating forum comments;
  • Advertising on the forum;
Currency Exchange Manager: gmzippo
  • Search for exchange/transfer/withdrawal clients;
  • Work with clients on the service of currency;
  • Work with payment systems;
  • Monitoring the currency market;
Realisation Manager gmzippo
  • Taking goods for sale;
  • Sale of goods on sale with a 100% guarantee;
  • Responsible for the implementation section;
Metering/Rider: Kryugger, t.kolya2
  • Pumping game accounts;
  • Online gaming services;
  • Development of game characters/accounts;
Responsible for advertising and PR for the site/services:
  • PR videos/articles on the work of the site in social networks and on third-party sites;
  • Increase traffic to the site and increase the number of customers, by providing information;
Responsible for trading game currency: gmzippo
  • Purchase / resale of currency;
  • Delivery of currency in the game;
Software and software developers: gmzippo, dobro24h, rugged, VADIM.KURDYUMOV, RaFF
  • Program/bot development;
  • Development of clickers, autoprograms;
  • Creation of a variety of complex software;
Copywriter: Kryugger
  • Writing articles on game topics;
What it takes to join our ranks:
  1. Willingness to participate in our project;
  2. Study the section Jobs on the forum;
Our friendly team is always at your service. Sincerely the administration GARANTMARKET.