Уровень 66. TP: 4464. 32 макс 5* герои и почти все 4*.


After over 2 years of competitive play, I am looking to retire this account and recoup some of what I have spent on it.

Currently has 22 maxed 5* legendary heroes,
around 22 maxed 4* epic heroes, enough maxed 3* rare heroes to compete in game modes restricted to 3*

Most of the buildings are complete, apart from the newer advanced buildings released recently. The Stronghold is maxed level while most of the other new buildings are around level 5-8.

You won't ever need to spend or do anything on this account to remain competitive, but if you do wish to then there are tons of emblems and several ascension items waiting for you already.

I can register the account to either android or iOS and will pay to change the name to the buyer's choice before handing account details over. May need a day to get the account switched over before the sale can be finalized.

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