"Black list" is a base of the suspected cheaters. To prove the fraud of a particular user, please create an appropriate thread on the forum, with a detailed description of the incident, screenshots of correspondence, etc. Otherwise charges are considered unproved and in order to avoid violation of the law on slander Clause 15; Clause 128.1; Clause 129 of the Criminal Code, the so-called cheater, after contacting us, is removed from the black list by the site administration. We pay your attention to the fact that the administration is not responsible for the inclusion of alleged fraudsters in the black list. Please not to mislead users and place only real swindlers, in the presence of convincing evidences from your side. After you create the thread on the forum and specify the details of the scammer, attaching the evidence of fraud, he will be put on the Black List! Thank you for your understanding.

Props Type of props Added Reason
cvvjokerTelegram12-04-2024Мошенничество, массовое.
sakj17Telegram09-04-2024Массовое мошенничество обман.
bottegascentTelegram08-04-2024Мошенничество, зазыв на одностраничники с целью кинуть.
bro-exchange.ruWWW07-04-2024Сайт мошенник, сделан для развода пользователей с целью обмана и кражи денежных средств.Вконтакте07-04-2024Мошенник, создаёт страницы под видом залогов, тема
@TwuttyyTelegram30-03-2024Мошенничество крушители, обращение в тех поддержку после сделки.
safe1rTelegram27-03-2024Массовая рассылка с целью кинуть
makkko1Telegram27-03-2024массовое мошенничество, рассылка с целью кинуть
sindrom9Telegram22-03-2024Массовый зазыв в телегу с целью кинуть.
pradamurderTelegram20-03-2024Мошенничество с зазывом в телеграм, массово.Вконтакте20-03-2024Массовое мошенничество. Кидает людей под видом выдуманных залогов.
xener132Telegram20-03-2024Массовая рассылка с целью мошенничества
@add_tttstTelegram17-03-2024Ддос атаки
@sindrom9Telegram16-03-2024Массовое мошенничество, обман.Платёжный аппарат с массовым обманом пользователей предположительно с Украины т.к айпи и почта именно оттуда. Быть особенно внимательнымВконтакте01-03-2024Большая вероятность рисков, хамство.Вконтакте01-03-2024Неадекватное поведение, хамство.
azazelnTelegram20-02-2024Массовое мошенничество, быть внимательнее.
hidinmyeyesTelegram19-02-2024Обман с целью обогащения.
overpric3dTelegram19-02-2024Массовый зазыв вероятно с целью обмана, быть бдительными.
ilyushikkbbTelegram19-02-2024Мошенник телеграм, внимательнее массовый обман
andreygskypTelegram19-02-2024Массовое мошенничество.
emperor09Telegram10-02-2024мошенничество массовое
amirionmeTelegram04-02-2024Телеграм мошенника, массовый обман.
@ofglory28Telegram02-01-2024Мошенник scammer
salkab1Telegram06-12-2023Мошенник кража аккаунтовВконтакте06-12-2023Аккаунт для обмана пользователей в интернете, а именно ютуб каналыВконтакте06-12-2023Массовый зазыв в дальнейшим обманом
@Toham777Telegram06-12-2023Массовый зазыв с целью обмана
Asmodeus8Telegram01-12-2023Мошенничество, кража аккаунтов, продажа в дальнейшем.
melretTelegram01-12-2023Мошенник, геншин, кража аккаунтов для продажи в дальнейшем.
anastayaTelegram01-12-2023Мошенник, геншин, кража аккаунтов для продажи в дальнейшем.
kingavalon16Telegram01-12-2023Мошенник KOA, продажа несуществующих ресурсов.
yasshakTelegram01-12-2023Мошенник, кража товаров с зазывом в телегу
79094820211Qiwi, Viber, WhatsApp, Моб.Тел30-11-2023Мошенничество, продажа ворованных товаров.
amirionm3Telegram30-11-2023Очередной кидок.
tekk1nTelegram29-11-2023Аферист, обман людей.
demons612Telegram28-11-2023Мошенник, кража аккаунтов и денег
  • Character case doesn't matter, whether it's ID123456 or iD or whatever... We will find the cheater, if there is one! Please enter only id, without reference to the social network;
  • Check Steam ID you enter only one value, you do not need to write the full link of Steam;
  • On the test site, please write only the address of the site, http or https do not need to specify;
  • Checking classmates, you enter a single value, you do not need to insert the full link to the profile, usually it is a twelve-digit number;
  • Checking Facebook, only the user's ID is entered;
  • Checking VKontakte, you only enter the id of the person/group/publik of the alleged cheater. If you got a suspicious person whose link to profile is changed and has no id, but has a name, it is best to take user's id and see if the person has changed login due to the fact that he is in the black list. How do you know the id of a user in VK if he was changed from the standard: Everything is simple, click on his main photo, namely the avatar and where it says photo27530099 - the numbers are id. Now you know the original id, which cannot be changed, and by which you can identify the cheater, if he lit up and got into the Black List.
  • WMID entered only a number, without the alphabetic characters "WMID:";
  • WMR is entered with the value of R;
  • WMU is entered with the value of U;
  • WMZ is entered with the value of Z;
  • Check purses QIWI entered value without the plus, only the numbers including the area code;
  • Qiwi, Viber, WhatsApp - this is one field that is checked by phone number;
  • Search on Telegram, enter only the nickname of the user with the dog @user;
  • As for searching in any other systems, just start writing login/name/nick/idy or other basic value, the scammer will definitely be filtered by your query and there is one in the blacklist, you will see it;
  • All phone numbers, Vybers and other messengers are added to the Blacklist from the number 7, so either use the prefix 7... or don't use it at all in the database search;
  • The card number of the alleged cheater in the search is performed without spaces;
  • To check the alleged scammer from the Avito site, open a profile on the Avito site and from the link take the number after profile?id=
To challenge being on the Black List:
  • Anyone can challenge their candidacy if they are on the blacklist;
  • If you found yourself in the blacklist, you can create a thread on the forum and argue your presence in the blacklist. We will consider your candidacy to remove you from the black list;
  • Create a forum thread to deal with the situation;
  • If you have corrected yourself and being in the BS of the site conducted at least 3 transactions through a guarantor, you can be removed from the list of scammers;
  • If you were put on the Black List and after the investigation on the forum we believe that you were put on the Black List by accident, or without proof, or for some other reason, we will remove you from the Black List;
  • I would like to point out that people put in the Black List, just because there are not made, only on the occasion or fact of fraud, for any other reason you put us in the Black List simply for no reason, the BS is made for the safety of others;
  • We reserve the right to blacklist, in our opinion, fraudsters, after conducting unsuccessful transactions or transactions in which there was a clear exposure of fraud;
This list of scammers is made exclusively by the opinion of GARANTMARKET. And other sites, from which the base of scammers was replenished, namely sites, which opinion in our opinion can be trusted.
It is important to understand, we are not responsible for the information provided by our users about scammers and do not confirm in any way from our side that users from the black list are 100% scammers. This information is a purely subjective list of the site about the alleged scammers and scammers, our goal is to protect and warn our users from scammers and scammers.
Many people on the Internet are scamming, making a lot of money on honest people. Often, online scammers conduct their scams with impunity. We urge you before making a deal online to take care of yourself, first of all to search for the person with whom you make an online transaction, read the reviews, as well as look for information on third-party sites. Cases of falling for scammers are quite common in today's world. Scammers do it in different spheres: while shopping online, making transactions for the sale, purchase or exchange of game accounts, stealing user data (photos, banking requisites, passport and other document data and many other activities) and in many other ways. The actions of swindlers cause users to lose money and other valuables, get into debts, you can get a credit or steal your identity and pull off a scam. We strongly recommend you to be careful on the Internet.
"Blacklist is a database of scammers. We collect accounts, pages, sites, wallets, and other addresses of dishonest users into one list. Who gets blacklisted? Blacklisted addresses are those whose owners have been caught cheating. Or there was a control purchase or a transaction and an attempt of fraud was detected. Blacklist is one of the ways to protect people from the actions of fraudsters. We run an anti-fraud program on the resource garantmarket, through a large database of scammers. We stand for integrity and safety on the Internet. The online world should not limit its users because of unscrupulous people, that is why we contribute to online safety. Before you make a deal or purchase on the Internet, we strongly recommend to check the seller in the blacklist site GarantMarket!
Our task is to protect our users from scammers. That's why we created this list. Every user can make a contribution against scammers. To do that you need to tell us about the fraud or an attempted fraud. We remind, the "Black List" is freely accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the guarantemarket website. Any Internet user can read this list before making a failed transaction. The database of scammers includes data from social networks, payment details of scammers, website addresses and many other data.
To blacklist an unscrupulous user is easy. To blacklist unscrupulous people is a huge benefit for all users of the online world, help prevent other people from making a mistake. In order to put the offender on the list of scammers, you need to create an appropriate thread on the forum. And describe in detail the incident that happened, attach screenshots of correspondence and other evidence, if any (payment checks, audio recordings, etc.). Otherwise the accusation will not be considered proven. With corresponding evidence, you exclude the possibility of bringing you to charges under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, Article No 15; Article No 128 paragraph 1; Article No 129, as well as exclude the possibility of appealing alleged swindler to be excluded from the base of scammers site garantamarket. Please be warned that guarantemarket is not responsible for the data sent by the users. Please, inform only about real swindlers, presence of incontrovertible proofs is obligatory. After the creation of the appropriate thread on the forum, as well as the provision of evidence and details of the alleged cheater, the scammer entered into the base! Add the cheater to the Black List in the public interest. Add the law-abiding citizens to the Black List is a way to protect yourself from the scammers, because the crimes committed online have a low disclosure rate according to statistics. But the information should be reliable, you should not mislead other users.
A large base of scammers includes many resources of the Internet, where scammers are detected. We track the activity of the social network Vkontakte, as pages of people's profiles, as well as various publishers, groups of different directions. Fraudsters' pages are also tracked in other social networks, including Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Facebook, and in the social network for Steam players. We blacklist phone numbers and details of scammers who cheat through popular messengers Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, ICQ, Skype. Also, fraudsters are tracked by details that they provide for payment: bank cards Visa, MasterCard, Mir; online services for money transfer YandexMoney, Qiwi, Webmoney. Scammers can also hide on the sites, then we enter the address of the site, and under the mailing, give the E-mail address. Also specify Nick, IP and other details. Include the scammer in the blacklist is a guarantee of safety for all users of the Internet.
So, in order to check the details of the alleged cheater:
  • Social network Vkontakte - check by user's iD (if there is no iD in the link bar, use the following method: click on the main photo of the profile, in the line with the inscription photo63730055 - the numbers are id);
  • Social network Facebook - verification is done by the user's iD;
  • Social network Twitter - verification is done by the user's iD;
  • The social network Odnoklassniki - verification is done by the user's iD (twelve numbers), the full link is not required;
  • Social gaming network Steam - the check is made by the user's iD, you do not need to write a link;
  • If you don't know the social network, perhaps enter an iD you know and the search will come up with a result;
  • When searching for a suspected scammer by site address, enter only the address itself without the prefix http or https;
  • Telegram - the check is carried out by the nickname of the person with the symbol "dog" @user;
  • Viber - verification is performed by phone number (number is entered from the digit 7 or without prefix);
  • WhatsApp - the check is carried out by phone number (the number is entered from the digit 7 or without prefix);
  • Check the phone number starting with number 7, or write the number without it;
  • Purse QIWI - check conducted by phone number, the value of the phone is entered without the plus, only the numbers, including the area code;
  • Online Webmoney Purse - WMID only enter a numeric value of the letter "WMID:" not required to enter, indicating WMR purse, please indicate the letter R, WMU purse enter with the letter U, WMZ purse represent with the letter Z;
  • YandexMoney - by purse number;
  • E-mail address - enter the full address;
  • When searching in any other systems, data entry produce a login / name / nickname / id address or other data and details, data swindlers will be provided on request, if available in the database of our service.
If you found your data in the GARANTMARKET blacklist, you can refute the accusation. Create a thread on the forum and prove that the presence of your data in the blacklist is unjustified. We will consider your request to be removed from the blacklist. Everyone has the right to challenge their presence on the blacklist. The obligatory condition on exclusion from the blacklist is to create a thread on the forum and refute your status, we will conduct a full analysis of your situation. There is another way to be excluded from the black list. If you have decided to change and you are ready to do online transactions honestly, make at least three transactions under the guidance of a guarantor of safe transactions and then you will be excluded from the black list. In a situation of your inclusion in the blacklist and after clarification of all the circumstances on the forum, if it will be decided that your inclusion in the blacklist occurred by accident and without providing the necessary evidence or for other reasons, then you will be removed from the blacklist. We emphasize that people who are put on the Blacklist are not put on the Blacklist for no reason. They are put on this list only when they commit fraud. You will not be blacklisted for no reason, we have no reason to do that. Our primary concern is the safety of our users. We reserve the right to blacklist those who have behaved dishonestly during the transaction, or during the transaction there was a clear exposure of fraudulent schemes and actions.
Scammers are everywhere, and the Internet provides them with additional options to defraud people. What is the work of a scammer? Of course, deception, misleading people, giving knowingly false data and information, or the scammer makes promises that he does not naturally plan to fulfill. Scammers in the Internet are divided into two main types: the first version of the victim gives his money in the expectation to get something, respectively, do not get it, and the second version of the victim gives his money without planning to get something, but the money goes not to destination, and in the pocket of fraudsters, who successfully pulled off a scam. Scammers try to work quickly, before the victim realizes the fact of fraud.
To begin with, let's examine what a scammer is, before drawing a concrete conclusion about how we will punish him. Scammers are different and in different situations they of course behave differently, let's try to distinguish several types of scammers. In fact, we have scammers who are real people and do not hesitate to cheat in some cases, counting on impunity. And scammers who hide their real identity behind a lot of fictitious ones. In the case of scammers real people, you can very well not just mess up their lives, but also show all Internet users what kind of people they are. You can not even imagine that after many years, scammers write to our blacklist and ask to remove them from the list, because they have corrected themselves, but not there it was. We strongly recommend that you create topics about scammers in our forum, attach proofs, all this will sooner or later affect the scammers, who do not hide themselves and brazenly fool people. As for swindlers who hide behind a screen, and against such individuals there is a remedy. Even if the scammer is hiding, he usually acts systematically and almost always does the same thing, writing the same messages and acting in a pattern, albeit from different requisites. You can make all of its details in the blacklist, and these details sooner or later, too, can be reused, at a minimum, you his topic on the forum can save a new victim, and at a maximum, the scammer still someone - that will try to track down and punish, and yes, and such cases happen. In addition to all of these actions, you can try to write a statement to the police and try to bring the cheater under the law of their country, yes it is not fast, yes it may cost money, but if you are a principled person, you can achieve justice in this way. Now very rapidly flying department "K" - cybercrime, if the case is transferred to them, they will certainly find the cheater and bring him to justice. We very much hope that our base of scammers will secure new potential victims of swindlers, and you with your topics will help us to find the most vicious swindlers and mark them.
How to recognize a scammer on the Internet?
  • Kidnappers are often sloppy, provide low-quality photos, screenshots taken a long time ago, often photoshopped photos.
  • Scammers do not like unnecessary questions or clarifications on your part. They ignore them, delete negative comments from their pages, or it is possible that they begin to resort to accusations in response, naturally unfounded. In general, they behave nervously;
  • Scammers try to escalate the situation, often resorting to playing on human emotions, arranging provocations, rushing you to make a decision on the deal, and by all means trying to subdue your vigilance;
  • They make promises that seem too "sweet" and implausible;
  • The scammer avoids cooperating with anyone, refuses to involve third parties in the transaction. The scammer tries to convince you that only he is trustworthy;
  • Scammers often hide personal information, often working anonymously;
These are small tips on how to recognize a scammer in advance. And of course do not forget to refer to the Black list of the site garantmarket. Or contact a guarantor during the transaction. Our goal: to check and enter the scammer in the blacklist database to ensure the safety and security of users on the Internet. List of scams is growing every day due to the vigilance of users. Check scam with guarantemarket service and Black List is not difficult. Our scam database is freely available 24 hours a day for any user.