Account exchange

"Account swapping" is one of the most complicated processes and the one that is most exposed to risk. Every day more and more players/users exchange accounts, both gaming accounts and accounts from any other system. Mainly in the gaming sphere, account exchange is popular because playing the same character/account is simply boring. The market for account exchange is huge, exchanging different accounts, both from the same game/system and to completely different ones. Our resource will help you in exchanging any kind of exchange, both within the game/system, as well as in exchanging for accounts of a completely different game/system. On the internet is very popular exchange not only accounts, but also promo codes/keys and others, which are also exchanged for game accounts. Be careful and exchange your accounts/values only with a guarantor who will secure your values and realize the ground for a safe exchange.
Account/character/value exchange process:
Advantages of exchanging an account with us:
  • We have the largest bulletin board for your announcements;
  • The site works guarantor, which will help to make a safe exchange of accounts from any systems / games;
  • You can post your exchange ad absolutely free, but don't forget to hide your personal information;
  • Only in our market, the exchange of several goods at once through the guarantor;
  • All ads are duplicated on social media, which increases the chances of a better exchange offer;
Exchange account with surcharge:
  • The nuances in the exchange with surcharge may be different, it all depends on the type of surcharge, the amount or additional value;
  • An exchange with a surcharge requires double consideration, both for the surcharge and the value itself;
  • When exchanging an account/value with a surcharge, it's safest to make a deal through a guarantor, according to the standard principle of exchange, with a detailed check;
  • Details on the exchange of accounts through the guarantor
  • Details about exchanging accounts for virtual valuables
  • It is important to realize that the exchange is a risky operation in itself and that a safe exchange requires a deep check of the values of both parties;
  • Exchange of valuables, especially with surcharge is not possible without risk between the two parties, in order to remove the risks of transferring valuables, you will in any case need an intermediary in the person of a guarantor;
  • Before exchanging, the parties need to clearly and distinctly understand what they are exchanging for. There are more and more cases of fraud with substitution of goods, so please be careful;
  • Make swap deals with a surcharge, only on a safe basis and clarify all points about the goods before the transaction;
There are a number of nuances and rules for the safe exchange of accounts/characters/values in the online world:
  • One of the important points is patience, many people want to get the goods in exchange in the case of favorable offers or if one of the parties does not realize the value of their goods, but in fact all this can turn out to be fraudulent. So be patient and careful;
  • Exchange your valuables only through a guarantor, who will protect your money and virtual valuables from fraudsters and scammers;
  • Internet Transactions Guarantor
  • It is important to talk to the other party and clarify all the points about the account/item/value before exchanging. Having clarified all the points regarding the value for which you are exchanging, you can safely during the transaction with the guarantor note a number of points that you should definitely check, namely, what seemed suspicious to you;
  • Before exchanging values, if it is a game account, it is desirable to have screenshots of early development;
  • It is important to remember the dates of registration of the account/value and all the details that belong to the value itself;
  • Account exchange is one of the most complex transactions, so when working through the guarantor, be prepared to show your PC screen, because some things can only be checked through the PC owner of the values;
  • When exchanging valuables before making a deal, it is advisable to study well the person with whom you are exchanging, and whether he is real at all;
  • The security of any account requires a detailed check of the account and all things that relate to the item in exchange;
  • After the exchange, one of the important points is to have proof that the goods are in your hands and are yours, so it is desirable to take pictures of everything that was received after the exchange;
  • Unfortunately, all points can not be counted, and some points should be hidden from the eyes of fraudsters, so everything is explained to the parties in detail during the transaction, with respect to your particular exchange;
  • A number of simple things that contribute to positive exchange of the future account/character.
Account/character/value exchange time:
  • The exchange usually takes 15 minutes or more;
  • The timing of the exchange depends on the responsiveness of the parties;
  • The exchange time can be affected by third-party factors, such as text messages, which do not always come right away;
  • It all depends on the complexity of the exchange and on the values themselves, some values take much longer to verify;
  • In some cases, factors such as a break in the connection to the Internet at one of the parties, which in fact can also take a lot of time;
  • If your account does not arouse suspicion guarantor quickly check everything;
  • It is important to remember that the exchange is one of the complex transactions that requires deep verification for the two goods and there is no need to rush into an exchange transaction;
Account prices:
  • Depends on the money invested in the account;
  • From the time spent on the development of the account;
  • How advanced the account is and what accomplishments/highs have been achieved;
  • The uniqueness of the value and its rarity;
  • The presence of bans / blocking / penalties on the account;
  • Other things that affect the account can also affect its cost, it all depends on the project/system;
Estimate the price of your account, before exchanging, so as not to cheap out.
For those who don't know the price of their account/value:
Features of the exchange
"Specifics of Exchange" - there are many accounts in the online world that require a different kind of verification. Each account/value/item has its own nuances and minutiae. So it's important to be very careful and research your side with whom you intend to exchange before exchanging. Exchanging valuables is a process especially requiring verification not only of the item and value, but verification of the party offering the item for exchange. Safely, you can exchange only after reviewing all the details of your particular exchange, checking all the risks, and this can only be done with the guarantor. Our site has an experienced guarantor, who will help make a safe exchange of any complexity.
With us you can exchange accounts such as:
Anarchy Online; Alvegia Online; Aion; ArcheAge; Aika Online; Revelation; Age of Wushu; Age of Conan; Bless Online; Battle Hearts; Blood and Soul; Battles for Glory; Battle of the Immortals; Black Desert Online; Blade&Soul; Black Gold; Cabal; Camelot unchained; City of Transformers; Conquer Online Покоритель; Continent of the Ninth Seal (C9); Dota 2; Diablo 2 Online; Diablo III; Dark Age; Dark Soul All; Dragon Nest; Dragona; Dragon saga Драконика; Darkfall Unholy Wars; Dragon's Prophet; EverQuest Next; EverQuest II; Florensia; Forsaken World; Grand Fantasia; Guild Wars 1-2; Granado Espada(пиратки); Heroes of Newerth; Jade Dynasty; Karos; King of Kings III Lineage II; Last Chaos; League of Legends; Lord of Chaos Online; Legend of Martial Arts; Metin2; Mythos; MU Online; Mabinogi Heroes; Monster Hunter; Magicka: Wizard Wars; NosTale; Neverwinter; Order & Chaos; Pandora Saga; Panzar; Point Blank; Path of Exile; PlanetSide 2; Perfect World; Pirates Of The Burning Sea; Pokemon World Online; Royal Quest; RIFT; Rappelz; Requiem; R2 Online; RF Online; Runes of Magic; Reborn Онлайн; Ragnarok Online; SMITE; Silkroad; Skyforge; Swordsman; Secret World; Skyrim Online; Star Wars Old Republic; Tera Online; Elder Scroll Online; Ultima Online; Voyage Century Пираты; Wildstar; Weapons of the Gods; World of WarCraft; Zentia; Аллоды Онлайн; Властелин Колец; Легенды Кунг Фу; Орден Магии; Пароград; Повелители Драконов; Поднебесная; Сфера Онлайн; Теос; 4 STORY; 7 Элемент; 9Dragons; Andromeda 5; Athanaton; Aeon: Cryohazard; Allure; Astro Lords; Anno online; Armades (Армадес); Bloody pirate; BiteFight; Boomz/Бумз; Bloody World; Bloodline Champions; CARNAGE; Cultures; Canaan Online; Cosmics; Clan Wars; Celtic Tribes; Call of Gods; Deepolis; DarkOrbit; Dragon Born; DRAKENSANG; Demon Slayer; Demon Crusade; Damoria (Дамория); Dragon Knight; EndWelt; Eve-Online; Fairy Tail; Forge of Empires; GanjaWars; Gunswords; Game of Thrones Ascent; Hellgard; Ikariam; KlanZ; KingsRoad; Lord of Ultima; League of Angels; 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And this is not all games and services, we also specialize in foreign games. On such games as Korean and Chinese, every day more and more game sections appear on the site and forum. Sell your accounts/characters exactly on our site, and you are sure to find a buyer for your valuables.
Conclude only profitable and safe exchanges with a guarantor, it will protect your virtual valuables from theft during the transaction. Regards the administration GARANTMARKET