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If you are the copyright holder of any material, link(s) posted on this site, and do not wish to have this information distributed by users without your consent, we will be happy to assist you by removing the links and/or material in question.
Documentary proof of your rights to the copyrighted material:
  • Scanned document with a stamp;
  • Email from the official email domain of the copyright holder company;
  • Other contact information to uniquely identify you as the copyright holder of this material;
The text you wish to place to accompany the information you are deleting:
  • In it you can specify where and on what terms you can get information, links to which were removed, as well as your contact information, so that users can get from you all the information they are interested in regarding the material;
  • Links should look like*****.html or similar;
Liability of parties:
  • The Administration of the site is not responsible for the placement of information or discussions by Users of the site about trading accounts, characters, which are exclusive rights of the Right holder, his trademarks. The actual sale of characters and accounts is made by the Users of the Site. The administration of the site does not sell or buy trademarks that belong to the Rightholder without a license or other Agreement that gives it such rights. Thus, the administration is not responsible to the Rights Holders for the actions of Users and third parties. In accordance with paragraph 3 of Art. 1484 of the Civil Code establishes: "No one has the right to use, without the permission of the right holder, markings similar to his trademark in relation to the goods for the individualization of which the trademark is registered, or similar goods, if as a result of such use there is a possibility of confusion.". If the mark is used for other purposes not related to the goods (works, services) of the owner of the mark, there will be no violation of trademark law.  The mere mentioning of the trademark in articles, interviews, news or other materials on the site, even if the site sells similar products, provided that there is no risk of confusion with the products of the owner of the mark, will not be considered a violation. This conclusion is set out in the Decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of 01.12.2009 № 10852/09: "...verbal mention of another's trademark is not a use of that trademark.";
  • According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Intellectual rights are protected by means stipulated by this Code taking into account the essence of the violated right and consequences of violation of this right. The methods of protection of intellectual rights stipulated by this Code can be applied at the request of copyright holders, organizations for rights management on a collective basis, as well as other persons in cases prescribed by law. The user, by performing operations on this site, agrees to the adhesion agreement and is fully responsible for the violation of intellectual rights;
  • According to current legislation of the Russian Federation, if an original or copies of a work are legally introduced into civil circulation in the Russian Federation by selling or otherwise alienating them, further distribution of the original or copies of the work is allowed without the consent of the Rights Holder and without payment of remuneration to him. Thus, Users have the right to post information about the Rights Holder and its products, if they have paid a monetary remuneration for this product. In this case, the account owner is the person who registered and created the character in the online game. If the Trademark Rights Holder does not agree with these provisions, the Trademark Rights Holder has the right to file a claim with the User of the site;
  • The administration of the site believes that the fact of selling an account is a substitution of a party to the contractual relationship by assigning a claim. This means that the person who created the account has a claim against the person who provides the service. Then by transferring (communicating) the login and password to another person, refusing further use of the service under this account, assigns this right to the buyer. This kind of agreement between Users on this site is valid and lawful, if the terms of use of the Rightholder's trademarks do not contain any specific prohibitions on the transfer of username and password from one User's account to another User for monetary compensation or free of charge. The opinion of the Site's Administration is based on the general study of the Rightholder's User Agreements with the User of the game. The Site Administration is not responsible for the violation of the User agreement with the Developer, as the Site Administration is a third party disinterested in ensuring the User's compliance with its agreements with the Rights Holder;
  • By posting information in the form of the name and mentioning the trademark of the Right Holder, the Site Administration acknowledges all rights to the trademark and designations, exclusive rights to the Right Holder. The Site Administration adds a disclaimer to the sections where a complaint is received from the Rights Holder. However, there is no reason to remove the section mentioning the trademark of the Rights Holder;
  • In accordance with the Federal Law on Information, if the distribution of certain information is restricted or prohibited by federal laws, civil liability for the distribution of such information is not borne by the person providing services of storing information and providing access to it, provided that the person could not have known about the illegality of the distribution of information. The Site Administration acts as a third party and is not obliged to know about the legality or illegality of dissemination of any information from the Right Holder and User;
After that, during the 24/48 hours, we will remove the material/links you are interested in from the site.
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  • We have no control over the actions of users who may repost links to your copyrighted information;
However, we will in any case consider all of your requests regarding links to infringing information.