Supply of game currency

Hello Dear suppliers of game currency, for those who are interested in money with us you can always earn. We recruit a friendly and proven team of suppliers game currency in all online games, both in the browser, client and mobile. We have the largest playground on the Internet for online games and at the request of regular customers, we are now very busy working with game currency. I would like to clarify, for those who do not understand what is the supplier of game currency - this is primarily a person who has in the presence of game currency in a particular online game, Providers are engaged in constant production of game currency. Our resource will help you to implement the sale of game currency through any payment system, with lots of ironclad guarantees.
  • No tedious conversations with customers, only official sales through the store or to the store directly;
  • Payment for game currency convenient way WebMoney, QIWI, Yoomoney Money, VISA, MIR, Union Pay, Mastercard, mobile operators, PayPal and many other ways;
  • Purchase through the official unit DIGISALLER, from the system WebMoney by means of Oplata info;
  • Guaranteed payment for goods;
  • The official sale of game currency;
  • Sales of any amount of game currency for buyers from any country in the world;
  • Only here you can put the game currency, with the possibility of providing your currency on many partner sites, putting currency on one site, it can automatically for an additional % of sales is transferred to many other stores around the Internet;
Requirement for Suppliers:
  • You must have a significant amount of game currency;
  • The rate of game currency at which you sell should be acceptable, so that the final amount of currency was not more expensive than competitors;
  • Supplier, who offered a certain amount to the store, should not sell it outside the store. For example, you have 1000 units of game currency and you sell game currency outside the store, then you don't need to supply all 1000 units to the store, because this game currency can be bought and you will not be able to make a delivery;
  • After making the purchase of customers, you must deliver the game currency as soon as possible, if you go on vacation for a week, your game currency from the store is removed and it is obligatory to warn about it;
  • It is important that your game currency was not obtained as a hack or gameplay bug, please do not offer such currency to us;
  • Payment is made to a WebMoney wallet, otherwise, the commission for the transfer falls on the provider;
How does the process of selling game currency:
  • The customer walks into the store;
  • Buys the right amount of game currency;
  • The buyer receives a unique code to his mailing address;
  • After receiving the code is passed to the store administration;
  • The administration of the store checks on the unique code of the payment;
  • After payment confirmation, the supplier delivers the game currency;
  • After delivery of the game currency to the buyer, the administration performs the settlement with the supplier;
  • In some cases, the game currency is bought by the administration directly from the supplier;
Acceptance of the supplier to the resource is after an interview and discussion of the details of mutual work. Regards the administration GARANTMARKET.