Prices for guarantor services, deals, auto deals, contracts

Dear customers, two types of transactions are always available to you: a deal on records to the guarantor and giving access to the deal chat for a specific date, time; transaction in automatic functionality with guarantor support. Different types of transactions are appropriate in different cases, for example transactions in the automatic functionality have a fixed rate of 10%, which will include everything, and transactions with a guarantor may include other commissions due to additional work, different payment systems. In addition, transactions on contract, which ensure the safety of goods after the transaction can only be executed with a guarantor. If you have any questions, you can always ask them gmzippo. Please contact us, we will be glad to help you with advice and support in dealing with secure transactions.

For a purchase/transaction amounting toCommission charged by the guarantor
Directly with the guarantor5%, but not less than 500r
Automatic transaction with guarantor support10%
Contract (protection after the deal)+1000r
When working with people from blacklist The guarantor charges double commission for the site.
When working with other currencies, the commission is charged by the guarantor at the ratio of the highest exchange rate to the ruble.
As a reminder, the commission for a transaction with a guarantor can be paid directly by either party, both for the transaction itself and for transfers between systems. In the case of autotransaction with the support of the guarantor, the commission is paid by the one who refills the transaction. Regards, administration GARANTMARKET.
Miscellaneous services
Our resource will help complete certain transactions with full reports/checks, for a minimal fee to the guarantor. We are engaged in various directions, namely work with funds and secure transactions on the Internet, and over the years we have formed a number of services that are popular. Contact the administration, explain what specific service/transaction you are interested in and we will definitely help you.

Website Integrity Check1000rFull scan of the site, on various parameters and identify risks
Buying/ordering goods and services300rIf you need to buy something online, or to pay, or to order goods to your address, but you do not have a purse such as Paypal or you are not familiar with how to order delivery on eBay, or any other situation, we can help you with that
Binding the guarantor's phone at the time of the transaction200rSome transaction conditions require that an independent party's cell phone, i.e. a guarantor, be tied to it in order to comply with the security stages. This is usually required when the transaction between the parties is conducted under special conditions
Recharging the balance of services/games/different systems200rIf you do not have the opportunity to replenish the account/system our resource will do it for you
Writing an appeal to the Technical Support services/games/different systems200r/1pcWe will help you compose high-quality and specific appeals aimed at a positive result
Vouch for your resource1000rIf you have a bona fide shop/site we can vouch for you, after a detailed scan on the integrity of your site is assigned a button on our check, but for this we will have to check the integrity of the site
Scan the account for vulnerabilities500rIf you purchased an account without a guarantor, we will scan all of your details and examine the vulnerabilities, and then point them out to you and give advice on how to protect your purchased account
Payment for cellular phones, Internet100rIn some cases, users are faced with the problem of recharging their mobile phone balance or paying for the Internet. There are situations when it is not profitable to pay from a certain place, for example, due to expensive fees between systems or restrictions on the withdrawal of funds, or there is no possibility to register in the system due to the country of residence (for example, Kiwi does not work with Belarus). Situations can be very different. We can help you to make payment in any currency from the system you need.
Work through Western Union (WU); MoneyGram International; Zolotaya Korona; Ria money transfer, Unistream, Transfergo, Transferwise, Paysend or similar systemsTotal transfer fee +5%+50r, but not less than 250rWe will help you to process even the most complex transfers with a visit to the bank, through well-known money transfer systems
We offer you a written consultation on one of the topics listed in the price list. We will help you with your questions, explain and clarify the information regarding your issues.

Consultation on the topicPrice per hour/piece
History and peculiarities of the gaming market1000r
How to become Guarantor, regulations1000r
Risk assessment500r
Advertising, social networks, websites1000r
Counseling to get your account back (only for victims of fraud)500r
Advice on money transfers1000r
Evaluation of "Garant Services" to identify the shortcomings, pluses5000r
Advice on drafting an appeal to the technical support of the game1000r
Advice on the development of the game site and recruiting visitors2000r
Internetvaries depending on the topic
For more information, see the counseling section: research.
Realization of Values
Value realization - This is the transfer of full control of the value to the market, which then sells your value/account. For this type of action you will need to hand over the complete package related to the value which you are handing over to us for realization. Including all other documents/checks necessary for the sale. Before you sell your goods, we must guarantee the safety of the sold goods to the buyer. As a result, you will receive a product which will be sold without your participation.

Realizing value at our store upfront payment from you and 4.5% from the sale of goodsGoods are placed on our store, the ad is secured on the board one of the first, as well as if necessary, publish a forum topic on the sale of the account and additionally exposed to partners in stores, which significantly accelerates the sale. In addition, you have access from the account and you can use it
You can learn more about implementation in the appropriate sections. Conditions for the transfer of goods for sale; Recruitment of game currency suppliers to our store;

Website advertising

"Advertising placement" is the promotion of your information at the expense of our project. We offer to place your advertisement on our resource, in absolutely any place of the site/forum. Our resource is steadily gaining momentum, the attendance and views are increasing every day. By placing your advertisement you will get a huge number of backlinks and thousands of people will see your advertisement every day.

Important! There are more 600000 pages, 3000 game categories and more 30 sections on social media. Information updated 5.06.2021
LocationPer monthSize
Banner on boards в 2000+ categories that we are constantly adding and in 155000+ advertisements on the site, which are added daily. You get 158000+ pages on which your banner will be visible and all users who view ads and trade categories on the boards will be able to see your ads. In the ad: example photo; In category: example photo.10000 rubles / Special offer 4000r (With order from 2 months) (4 times more profitable)468х60px Not blocked by addblock
Banner on forum between topics and in posts randomly. Total number of topics on the forum 4506+ и 13300+ posts that will display your banner in random order. In the forum between topics: фото пример; In the forum posts: example photo.2500 rubles (2x better)468х60px Не блокируется addblock
The pinned post in the category on the bulletin board, is fixed first (leaving in archive for free) This type of advertising is very effective, to a particular section, because it will be fixed your information by the first post for a month. Pinned post in the category: example photo.1000 rublesне больше 4к символов
Promotional text with a link in the site administrator's profile. The total number of news, comments, topics and posts on the site administrator's profile is approximately 11500+ each of them will display exactly your advertising information. The advertising text is in the administration's signature: online example; example on the forum.5000 rubles (effective)30 characters
A short promotional text with a link in the general newsletter 212000+ to our website visitors. When we send newsletters to visitors to our site, we will also add your advertising information to our mailing list. In the mailing list: example photo.5000 rubles (2 mailings per month)200 characters
Advertisements found in the section Game News, contains 23000+ quality, unique, purchased articles, replenished daily. In the gaming news section: example photo.25000 rubles / Promotion 10000rub (4 times more profitable)468х60px Not blocked by addblock
Advertising banner inside the articles Game News. After placing you will receive a permanent link in the banner from our site, this is a big plus for sites that order advertising in the long term, because over the years, the article is gaining more views, respectively, will work for you all the time. In the article about the game: example photo.5000 rubles / 1 article468х60px Not blocked by addblock
When ordering several advertising spots at once there are reasonable discounts!
Attendance of the site is steadily growing every day, at the moment the average monthly attendance of 372 000 + users and 775 000 + hits, which means that your ads will be viewed by at least 372 000 people or more for a month, namely you get potential customers who can respond to your offer.
Search site pages are made 80% in the output of Yandex and 85% in the output of Google, that is, almost all the pages are in the search engines and shown to new users, and 40% are tightly in the top positions, ordering from us advertising space, you get quality traffic, which is 95% coming from search engines, which means you get exactly the potential client who looks at your banner ad.
Important! We are ready to consider individual advertising proposals. Regards, administration GARANTMARKET.