Affiliate Program

Affiliate program is a special offer, through which you can get a good, both one-time and permanent income. Everyone can become our partner and share their referral link to our resource. All users who take advantage of your offer and use a secure transaction on the site will bring you income. You will be able to get 40% of net profit of the safe deal service for all referrals you bring.
What we offer:
  • We are the first to offer affiliate security accruals on transactions;
  • We offer state-of-the-art secure transaction functionality with daily guarantor support in transactions;
  • Work on transactions with the three most famous systems qiwi, webmoney, Юumoney;
  • Modern trading market on online games, social networks and other systems;
  • Free adverts and market trading activities;
Advantages for our partners:
  • Income of 40% of the net profit of the service of safe transactions;
  • The threshold for withdrawal of only 100 rubles;
  • The ease of inviting customers;
  • Instant affiliate accruals and the fastest withdrawal within days;
  • Affiliate accruals from all transactions of your referrals;
  • We give individual gifts to the most active partners;
  • Logging of all transitions, you will see everyone who comes through the affiliate links;
How to make money with us:
  1. You take your affiliate link to the address, and you'll find your affiliate account there as well:
  3. People inviting to our service
  4. People come by invitation and make safe transactions;
  5. You get a percentage of their operations;
Who gets the rewards and who doesn't:
  • If you share your link and the user wants to sell the goods, place your ad on our site and his goods will be bought on an automatic secure transaction with the support of a guarantor - you get the reward;
  • If you share a link, and the user finds the desired item on the site and buys it using automatic secure transaction with the support of a guarantor - you get a reward;
  • Affiliate rewards are not credited if parties use their affiliate links;
  • If users are already registered, you get rewards;
  • If users are registered or have clicked on other links, by clicking on yours, they are assigned to you until they click on another affiliate link;
  • If you bring in a buyer and a seller, you will be rewarded double from the transaction since you brought in both parties;
Please note that the affiliate program is not designed to give you an additional discount on your own purchases.