A short video overview of our work:
Transaction Chat
Transaction chat is a place where a common dialogue between clients (parties) and guarantor takes place. In the deal chat the main points of the deal are clarified and the terms of the deal are regulated. The deal chat is opened only to the clients who applied for the deal.

Guarantor services

This is first of all an organized Guarantor Service, which observes the regulations and its policy of safe transaction. Our guarantor service analyses your transaction in detail and helps you to buy, sell or exchange absolutely any product, account on the Internet. Any risk during the transaction is explained to the parties, the risks are also sorted out, detailed advice is given, the transaction is thoroughly checked and controlled by guarantor garantmarket.net. You order not just a secure transaction, but also a thorough analysis of the transfer of the amount, a quality check, an explanation of all the possible options, and all this for the fastest possible time for both parties. Guarantor service vigilantly monitors the transaction and answers all your questions, we are very responsible to our clients. Our resource offers enormous guarantees that you will not find with any of our competitors. Our priority is to work diligently and efficiently for our clients. Any complexity of the transaction is maximally safe only through guarantor service. Choose only professional services on the Internet and get the best results.
Order the service you get:
  • Transfer the amount in a way that is convenient for you;
  • Verification of compliance with the terms of the transaction;
  • Checking the goods for compliance;
  • Control of the entire transaction;
  • Explanations and advice during the transaction;
  • Checking parties on the Black Lists;
  • Checking IP address and other details;
  • In-depth verification of product/account details;
  • Checking the translation for the presence of "Black Money";
  • Verification and compliance with the moments of a unique transaction;
  • Study and explanation of risks;
  • Assistance in matters during the transaction;
  • Reissue and transfer of goods/accounts;
It is important to know that the guarantor is not responsible for events after the transaction:
  • The guarantor only checks the validity of the data provided during the transaction;
  • Starting a dialogue with the guarantor, you agree with the rules and nuances garantmarket.net described in the sections of the site;
  • The guarantor will never write to you himself (exception: check the guarantor for authenticity)
  • How to check the guarantor for authenticity
  • We never talk on the microphone, only by arrangement in the case of ordering an extraordinary deal;
  • All operations are performed only after you find us in Odnoklassniki / Facebook / VKontakte / ICQ / Telegram / Skype guarantor and contact him. Or register on GARANTMARKET and write guarantor gmzippo;
  • Send message to a guarantor       (for registered users)
Important! The guarantor helps you to protect yourself from fraudsters by checking all the points and risks and informs you about all the nuances, in certain cases the guarantor can take the document of confirmation of identity from one of the parties to make sure that the data is valid, as well as for other confirmations depending on the type of transaction and their necessity. Special checks can be carried out for the parties, which the guarantor can inform about only during the transaction, this contributes to the effective detection of fraudsters and unscrupulous users.

Before working through a guarantor:
  • It is important that the guarantor was an open personality and does not hide behind a fictitious character, our resource is open to communication and we do not hide behind a screen of invented personalities;
  • Be sure to read the warranty, which provides guaranty service, we have the most ironclad warranty on the entire Internet;
  • Guarantees of good faith work
  • When transferring funds, be sure to check the details on the site, so as not to make a mistake with the purse to which you make the transfer;
  • Ask the guarantor to conduct the transaction on the site, it will protect you from the scammers who present themselves on our behalf;
  • If you still have doubts, perform a guarantor authenticity check;
  • How to check the guarantor for authenticity
Guarantee and safe operations:
Deal guarantor in the Internet, online. Secure guarantor services online, guarantor service, freelancing, domain names, websites, online games, youtube, twitter, facebook, instagram, classmates, vkontakte, accounts, characters, dispute resolution, contracts, contracts.
GARANTMARKET.NET - Safe transfer, exchange, buy, sell, money and virtual valuables! With each year of successful work, the number of transactions/transactions/contracts made continues to grow. Most of them are performed on a regular basis with regular clients, a number of transactions/contracts are performed on a one-time basis with total strangers. Such transactions are made remotely and carry certain risks with a chance for loss of virtual valuables or money. Therefore, only verified GARANTMARKET service can protect you from fraudsters and scammers.
Sooner or later, many people are faced with the issue of secure data transfer or ordering freelance services, disputes or bets, buying or selling certain goods/services/values. Trading virtual valuables is not a secure process in which there is usually mistrust between the parties. Guarantor will help you to buy any virtual and tangible goods on the Internet, transactions through the guarantor are performed regularly.
Every day many people in the Internet world buy or sell their virtual valuables, such as websites, domain names or game accounts, sometimes even selling their pages and social networking groups. People are exchanging, buying and selling various goods, both virtual and tangible, every minute. But the very fact of the transaction, trade, contract, takes place remotely on the Internet. And this in turn already speaks of the risk. Everyone is aware that the Internet is a dangerous world, where a lot of unscrupulous people. You should also be aware that the safe transfer or compliance with the terms of of your transaction/contract, can guarantee only a person who is not interested, an intermediary between the parties. You will need an impartial intermediary/arbitrator who will help you conduct and supervise the entire procedure.
What is a guarantor service - it is the last and safest boundary between the parties in the conclusion of a transaction or contract of any kind. The first boundary is yourself, because you personally choose to establish a boundary as a guarantor service, which will protect you from fraudsters and swindlers and scammers. Before ordering a guarantor's service, discuss all the terms of the deal/contract with your opponent. Only the guarantor's service will help you to safely Order services/goods on the Internet, the guarantor checks and controls all conditions in details. Be vigilant and beware of swindlers. For You only secure transactions with the intermediary in the person of a guarantor.
For example, in online games it is very common to buy/sell/exchange game accounts/characters/items and other virtual valuables. But there are also a lot of young people who try to cheat anyone and everyone. On the background of trade and transactions in online games, the guarantor is needed because In online games most scammers. Guarantor service in the online games is especially popular because the parties in the background of frequent fraud simply do not trust each other, namely in the games exchange/transfer various game things, including accounts, and that guarantor will help to make safe transfer of absolutely all virtual values. Let it be a character in any online game, or sharpened sword, rare pet, or even an ingredient for the creation of a rare thing, the guarantor will help to implement Transfer of any good/value, in any online game on a safe basis. Special cases for ordering the guarantor's services are the freelance services, namely, the services of creation or development of various sites or software for sites. Often customers do not trust freelancers, because not all of them are honest, but The problem with freelance services is not only in good faith, but also in the quality of services provided. By ordering a guarantor service for a freelance transaction, the guarantor will carefully monitor the terms of your deal. After all, the customer does not always know what the freelancer is doing and how it should actually work, for example, the functionality may look to be working, but inside it may create an additional burden, Or there may be some errors that the client can not check. And the guarantor in his turn will not only check the terms of the deal, but he will definitely inform about any risks during the deal.
By ordering a guarantor service in a freelancing deal, you are actually ordering quality functionality that you actually want, not something that can be copied for free from a website, because you should know what you are buying. Often, experienced freelancers, don't even do their work, but just find a ready-made code on the Internet. Without a guarantor service, you can actually buy a product that is already on the Internet, or that has the copyright of some firm, which may well harm your site/business in the future. Therefore, from all sides, it is important to remember about security and the terms of a particular transaction, and whether or not to use the guarantor service is up to everyone.
If you need to buy a website/domain name or buy some other product on the Internet, or you sell something to a buyer, GARANTMARKET will help you to conduct the transaction as a guarantor. We, as a mediator of safe transactions, will ensure the proper transfer of goods and receipt of funds, while there will be a detailed check of the terms of the transaction and compliance with the values, in addition check the money for the "Black Money", namely, the point that the funds are clean and not subject to blocking. And the wide range of guarantor services, practically in any Internet sphere, allows us to cooperate with any kind of freelancing sphere, both in the industry of online games, and in the creation of sites, conclusion of contracts, transfer of documents and other transactions. In case of any risks or claims during the transaction, only our guarantor will help to solve complicated issues until a favorable outcome, for both parties. GARANTMARKET.NET secure transactions service is the result, reliability and confidence in receiving the entrusted valuables/money! Concluding deals/contracts contracts, through a guarantor, is a modern security on the Internet, which is very popular with people who do not want to be cheated.
What is the risk of buying/selling/exchanging without a guarantor?
It's simple, because when buying or selling any product/service on the Internet, it is difficult to trust your opponent, knowing only his contact details. Nowadays, it is dangerous to trust only words over the Internet, and a detailed check of the details, it is not a simple process and in the case of mistrust of the parties, it is especially not easy, every word may be subject to doubt. There is always the risk that you will not receive your goods, or having given the goods, you will not receive the agreed amount. In exchange, this risk is doubly dangerous, there is a possibility that one of the parties simply will not give you their goods, and you will actually be left with nothing. In addition to all these risks of making a deal without a guarantor, there are risks in the transfer of goods according to the terms and conditions, one of the parties may slip you a completely different product than the one you agreed upon. Concluding a contract/transaction or agreement over the Internet without a guarantor is a very risky process, because it requires detailed verification and various confirmations, of course, all depends on the characteristics of your transaction. If you want safe transfer of values, detailed control of the transaction/contract/agreement, you will need a specialist who can control all the stages and explain all the points that fall under doubt. After all, only a guarantor service can guarantee a safe transfer of money and virtual valuables.
How effective is a guarantor, does he help in the safe transfer of goods and funds, does he check all the conditions voiced on the transaction?
It is important to remember that the Internet is an area of quick profits for scammers, and scammers, in turn, are becoming more sophisticated every year and use not only tricks, but also techniques of psychological influence, which will obviously lead you to a mistake. Only experienced specialist after a number of checks can say for sure if the deal in your case is safe or if there are some risks which you should pay attention to. Our service guarantor services are not only professional work, but also work that complies with the principle of price = quality. Our resource was created for your safety, if you do not want to be deceived, if there are any doubts or the possibility of risks in your transaction, we will definitely help you and thoroughly analyze your situation.
How to make a deal if the parties have different payment systems and different currencies?
Our resource not only provides the services of a guarantor, but it will help you transfer the amount of money for free, without charging any additional fees during the transaction. from one system to another. For more than one year we have reserved verified purses with maximum limits, all purses have ties between them, which indicates the possibility of multifunctional transfers between different money systems. We can help you make even the most complex transfers with foreign banks. GARANTMARKET has long specialized in money transfers, so you have nothing to worry about if you have different currencies or different payment systems.
A number of specific deals through the guarantor garantmarket, which are particularly popular:
  1. Buy/sell/exchange game accounts and characters, through the guarantor in all online games.
  2. Buy/sell groups on VKontakte, Classmates, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, MySpace, Live Journal under the control of a guarantor.
  3. Secure purchase/sale/transfer/purchase of domain names in the .ru/.net/.cc/.club/.tv/.pro/.info and many other zones.
  4. Purchase and sale of social pages VKontakte / Odnoklassniki / Facebook / Twitter and others.
  5. Deal with a guarantor to buy/sell groups in Steam.
  6. Buy/sell/exchange things through guarantor in online games Steam/Lineage2/Dota2/Perfect World/R2 Online/Blade&Soul/Aion/Blood and Soul/Karos and many others.
  7. Contracts/transactions for the sale of goods, valuables and accounts in online games.
  8. Buying/selling pages in instagram photo social network.
  9. Deals through guarantor on files/software with custom work from developer.
  10. Contracts/deals to buy/sell game servers, both pirated and from the developer.
  11. Order freelance development, mods/functions/support, for game servers.
  12. A secure freelance ordering deal.
  13. Buy/sell game databases (DB) in various online games with guarantor verification.
  14. Buying / selling databases (DB) for sites of different subjects.
  15. Notarized contracts for website, domain, content reissue.
  16. Purchase/sale of forms/documents of all kinds.
  17. Re-registration of valuables in a documentary way with forwarding in Russia.
  18. Deals for freelance website creation services.
  19. Domain name swap deals.
  20. Website design services.
  21. Transaction involving a guarantor for the design of YouTube channels.
  22. Guarantor service for the purchase / sale of design groups VKontakte.
  23. Guarantor in the transaction to purchase game currency kinara, gold, karats, yangi, alz, coins, shop, adena, credits, Gold, in all online games.
  24. Concluding deals/contracts for the purchase of foreign goods, under the careful supervision of the guarantor.
  25. Freelancing for commissioned translator services with quality content and detailed deal guarantor verification.
  26. Advertising services on a freelance basis, under the control of a guarantor.
  27. Contract for the development of publishers and groups in VKontakte with the participation of guarantor deals.
  28. Deal through a guarantor to order postage from different countries.
  29. Ordering the re-registration of domains by letters under the control of a guarantor.
  30. Deals on the purchase/sale of Yandex Direct promo codes.
  31. Guarantor services for software development, for a variety of purposes.
  32. Deal for the development and promotion of YouTube channel, under the control of the guarantor.
  1. Order logos and design elements for websites, groups, channels, publics, pages, teams, clans.
  2. Buying services for the Internet directories Google, Yandex, DMoz.
  3. Ordering service through the guarantor of pumping accounts and characters in all online games.
  4. Conclusion and resolution of disputes in various situations, with a breakdown of the guarantor of the transactions.
  5. Conclusion of contracts for services, through the system Arbitrage WebMoney.
  6. Guarantor services for taking and giving credit, with a full review of the contract/agreement.
  7. Concluding a dispute on various kinds of situations, through the guarantor of the transactions.
  8. Work through a guarantor for betting services, game bets on PVP battles, in all online games.
  9. Ordering a guarantor service to control the transaction on sports betting and various kinds of predictions.
  10. Comprehensive social media promotion, with a contract for results.
  11. Creation and promotion of sites, projects with the conclusion of a deal through the guarantor.
  12. Training method guarantor services.
  13. Transactions on the order of advice of various types.
  14. Miscellaneous transactions of a material kind.
  15. Multistage, long-term deals/contracts under the control of a guarantor.
  16. Making a deal on cooperation with projects/companies.
  17. Deals to buy/sell android/ios/vkontakte game apps.
  18. Transactions involving a guarantor to order freelance services in mobile android/ios/applications VKontakte.
  19. Transaction Guarantor, as an intermediary in the contract for the account pumping in mobile applications.
  20. Deal through a guarantor to buy/sell/exchange game accounts from Google Market.
  21. Concluding a contract to transfer accounts in various online game projects.
  22. Transactions in online games to exchange virtual valuables game currency/accounts/characters/items.
  23. Deal guarantor services as an intermediary in freelance deals for website/application redesigns.
  24. Guarantor, as an intermediary in the transaction to purchase quality hosting services.
  25. Guarantor, as an intermediary in the transaction of creating sites with telecommunications services.
  26. Buy/sell/exchange, through a guarantor promo codes / codes / keys / hyfts in various services, online games.
  27. Guarantor, as an intermediary in the transaction between the game clans.
  28. Guarantor services for the transfer/exchange/withdrawal of funds.
  29. Concluding a deal on the purchase/purchase of goods from stores.
  30. Deals to check sites/resources/companies for good faith on the Internet.
This is not the entire list of deals that are GARANTMARKET, We can make a deal of any complexity, even on the most unusual terms.
What should be the terms of the deal and what does it include:
Before the deal, the guarantor specifies a number of conditions of your deal, which you should pay attention to.
  • The main condition of the transaction is, of course, the product itself, which is involved in the transaction, namely the account/value/service/site/other. You must know clearly and distinctly what you are buying/ordering;
  • In the terms of your transaction, specify what should be included in the purchased goods/services, so that the guarantor during the transaction checked all the points of interest to you, because often the parties may not understand each other, or fraudsters are trying to sell a completely different product;
  • When ordering freelance services or any remote work through the guarantor, specify in detail all the points of the work, so that after the guarantor could check whether the work is actually done all the points on the work;
  • During the transaction, be sure to specify the amounts of transactions/contracts and the currency in which the transaction will take place, and do not forget to take into account the commission between the systems;
  • Check what receipts/documents/emails need to be attached to the item;
  • The condition of the deal/contract/order of service, this is a number of points that you would like to note, emphasize and clarify all the details, because if you specifically specify all the points that relate to your purchase/order, the guarantor will definitely check them;
  • The parties need to discuss the terms of the deal among themselves before contacting the guarantor;
The terms of the deal are primarily those terms that are put between the buyer/seller/customer/executor parties, namely, what exactly is involved in the deal/contract and what terms the goods/value/service must meet.
Safe and secure, the best guarantor services:
  • We are the only and best deal/contract service on the Internet. Only our resource deals with all kinds of deals on the Internet at once, namely such as: deals/contracts such as: credit deals/contracts, buying/selling of websites, exchange/buying/selling of accounts of any services/social media/online games, deals/contracts for freelance services, dispute resolution deals, buying/selling hyfts/keys/promocodes, buying/selling/exchanging real money/game currency, other deals of any kind. All of the above in its entirety speaks to a tremendous deal/contract experience.
  • Only our resource provides such an extensive list of guarantees, after studying which you will be convinced of 100% faithful work of the guarantor. None of the sites you will not find such an ironclad guarantee as ours. After reading the warranties, you'll understand that our resource has extensive experience in the field of guarantors.
  • Only our resource has a huge number of different verified and identified requisites, which shows the wide mobility of working with different payment systems / banks. Our resource is densely engaged in money transfers, which indicates extensive experience in checking in the field of money.
  • We guarantee a secure transaction, with a detailed verification of all points concerning the individual transaction.
Guarantor service about the provision of specific services:
  • Guarantor services as an intermediary in any area, including any deals and contracts;
  • Work with a variety of currencies and a wide range of payment systems/banking systems;
  • Scan the sites for honesty;
  • Rental services and sale of valuables;
  • Working with material transactions/contracts;
  • Miscellaneous advice on security/purchasing/purchasing/advertising and more;
  • Services for drafting appeals and getting out of difficult situations;
  • Value realisation services;
  • Work with all online games and game services;
If you need the most experienced guarantor and the best in price/quality ratio, then GARANTMARKET at your service.
The advantages of working through a guarantor:
  • Working with a guarantor you get a clear explanation of the entire transaction, which will give you an understanding of how safe the account/value/good/service you are buying is;
  • Concluding a transaction through a guarantor, in case the parties have different payment systems, the guarantor does not charge additional fees for complex transfers, you pay only for the transaction/contract;
  • Guarantor will check the goods in detail and explain all the aspects of the purchased goods, not only the goods, but also the parties to the transaction, the funds are checked. Working through a guarantor, you can be sure that even the slightest fraud will be noticed;
  • In the event of difficulties, it is the guarantor will explain to you ways out and options, depending on the situation;
  • Working with the guarantor, you can ask any questions and be sure to get answers to them, the guarantor does not charge extra for advice during the transaction;
  • We work on the prices of 2013, the commission for the services has not increased, our resource provides a quality guarantor service at a minimal price;
  • By ordering a guarantor service, if you wish, the transaction can be conducted on the site, which allows for a more detailed check of the parties in a secure transaction chat;
  • Convenient buyer/guarantor/seller communication system, secure private and public chats for secure data transfer;
  • A detailed elaboration of transactions and contracts with many ways to caution the parties;
Purchase through a guarantor
Buying goods/value on the Internet is safe only through a guarantor, who will check the compliance and conditions of receipt of the purchased goods/value. It is important that the party not interested in the goods verifies in detail all the nuances agreed between the parties. Buying through a guarantor, you are actually guaranteeing the safety of your money and the receipt of value. During the purchase a real person works with you, who checks all the conditions of your purchase in detail, in case of any risks or instances of doubt, the guarantor will inform you immediately, thus protecting you from a risky purchase. A very big plus when buying through a guarantor is the ability to transfer funds to almost any system, while saving as much as possible on the commission between the systems, it is very important if the seller needs funds in a particular system.
Sale through a guarantor
Selling goods through a guarantor, you can be sure that the guarantor is not an interested intermediary. The guarantor has the relevant regulations, so your goods can not be of interest to the guarantor, and for his safety you can not worry. It's not very safe to sell your valuables on the Internet, as no one will want to perform the transfer first before receiving the sold item, and even if the buyer performs the money transfer before receiving the item, there is no guarantee that the funds will not be blocked or turn out to be "Black Money". By selling through a guarantor in case the funds turn out to be Black Funds, or the buyer sends funds with a blockage, the guarantor will definitely notice all of these things when checking. Therefore, the safe sale can be only through the guarantor of Internet transactions, which will receive the money, scan them and make you a safe transfer.

Conducting a transaction with the participation of a guarantor
By making any kind of transaction in the dangerous world of the Internet using a guarantor service, you are actually guaranteeing your safety. Most fraudsters do not get to the transaction itself, and if they do get to the transaction, they will definitely be exposed. Transaction through a guarantor is a fact of safe operation, with a detailed walkthrough of the individual transaction, according to special rules that do not allow the party to commit unscrupulous actions. The guarantor helps and explains to you how to go through all the stages of the transaction, and the priority of the guarantor is neutral, no preference is given to one of the parties, the actions of both parties are carefully verified in good faith. Only an experienced guarantor can verify a purchase or money in detail. No automated service will give such guarantees of a secure transaction as a guarantor of our website. Conclude your transactions only with the participation of an experienced guarantor, who will help you conduct absolutely any transaction on the Internet.
Conclusion of a contract with the participation of a guarantor
Concluding a contract is not a simple process, which is not safe without the participation of a third party, namely an intermediary in the form of a guarantor. Concluding a contract with a contractor, for example, you may miss important points or points without which the contractor may not perform the work as you would like. The guarantor carefully examines the contract and clarifies all the possible points that can affect the performance of the order. Concluding your contract with the service of a guarantor, you can be sure that not a single point will be missed, and all your conditions will be met. The guarantor will not just monitor compliance with all the terms of the contract, but will also explain to you in detail all the specifics of its implementation in case something is missed. In such a case, additional sub-paragraphs are included in the contract for more detail and specificity. Only ask for such services from an experienced guarantor, who will carefully organize the contract and its implementation.
Guarantor's priority
Through a guarantor any transaction is safe, that's our priority. The guarantor will help you with the purchase, while saving your money. He will help you with the sale, keeping your virtual valuables with you. Regardless of the type of transaction, whether it is an exchange of virtual valuables or a complex contract with many conditions, the guarantor will fully control the process and keep it secure. Each transaction is unique in its own way, and only an experienced intermediary represented by a guarantor will help to formulate the best terms of your deal. Guarantor carefully checks the terms of the transaction, and will explain all the possible difficulties. Every transaction is risky in its own way, and it is the guarantor can protect you from the scammers and swindlers of the dangerous online world. After all, only an intermediary who is not interested in your valuables can conduct a deal in good faith! Concluding a deal through the guarantor, you get an accurate answer to the question you ask, because only the guarantor can make sure that the parties are bona fide, thoroughly checking all the terms. In the world of the Internet without a third party there is no guarantee that you will get a bona fide opponent. Years of experience show that more and more fraudsters are trying to cheat even during the transaction, we have exposed more than a hundred scammers who tried to cheat. Working through a guarantor, all the risks come to naught. It is important not to lose vigilance, to follow the instructions of the guarantor flawlessly and to observe the precautions that the guarantor explains during your transaction. You can always apply to the guarantor even with the most complex transaction, we will definitely help you to save virtual values and money. Security and honest work, for us these are two of the most important priorities. As a reward we get appreciation and trust from our clients gained through years of practice in carrying out different deals. Only on our website you will find such a reliable guarantee of honest work. When you make a deal/contract through GARANTMARKET.NET, you actually guarantee yourself professional work for a minimum commission. Prices have not risen since 2013! And all this is just for your convenience!
Spheres of activity of the guarantor of Internet deals
Guarantor as a trustee for different types of services
Due to the great mobility and versatility of the guarantor, the availability of professional wallets, experience, method and possibility of transfer, the service of the guarantor is ordered in absolutely different areas. Some systems require certain limits, obligations and other things that are usually only available to the guarantor, so the guarantor is seen as a trusted person and for a certain commission the guarantor helps. For example, the purchase of goods in a store where only a certain system is used, or it is a completely specific service where the guarantor can be considered as a trusted person.
Guarantor services for the exchange, withdrawal, transfer of funds.
Very popular is the service of a guarantor for the exchange, transfer and withdrawal of funds. If you consider the system of exchangers, they charge a large commission, not always the exchanger has the necessary funds, or not all options for transfer. Guarantor as a trustee, for a small commission withdraws funds to your desired details, this applies to almost all possible systems on the Internet. For example, to withdraw WMB in the system WebMoney requires Personal Certification, the guarantor can carry out withdrawal to any cellular communication in Belarus. Many users do not have connections between cards, wallets and banks, the guarantor in these cases acts as an intermediary for the money transfers you need.

Guarantor as an intermediary for mass transactions for the purchase of game servers
What do we refer to as a mass transaction? This is a transaction between a mass of people, using a team buying a game server as an example. Often programmers sell some functionality for individual teams, organizations, where between the side of the developer and the side as a team, you will need a guarantor and his services. In such a transaction is usually ordered a separate service conference over Skype, where there is a lengthy verification of the complex conditions of performance, functionality of the game server, clarification and analysis of controversial points. Such transactions usually take more than 3 days as we have to carefully sort out a lot of nuances, it all depends on transaction conditions and complexity of check. Usually this is a complex transaction, which requires a thorough check on the originality of the goods, which the guarantor necessarily conducts.
Guarantor's services in the sphere of fulfillment of transaction conditions
The service of guarantor garantmarket.net is also used in the sphere of fulfillment of conditions of the transaction. For example, between the parties signed a contract to fulfill certain conditions, let it be the writing of a book on modern trading accounts. For quality and secure transaction between the parties and compliance with all the conditions for writing a book, which we have taken as an example, the parties need a guarantor. There are cases of non-compliance with the deal: not timely payment, fraudulent purses and cards, delaying the timing of the work, trying to sell the customer a commonly available product from the Internet instead of a unique product.... For this purpose, a contract is drawn up, in which all the terms of the deal are stipulated, and the guarantor, in his turn, controls all the clauses and conditions of compliance with the contract.

Guarantor as an advertising intermediary
It is much rarer to order the guarantor service in advertising and advertising services, but experienced users, aiming at the result, use the professional guarantor service of the market garantmarket. Customer advertising discusses the terms of advertising campaign with advertisers, set the conditions for coverage and conversion, then the guarantor service is ordered, where the guarantor controls the conditions of compliance, or reveals the facts of non-compliance with the advertising company. As the service passes the advertising company, the guarantor pays the funds from the customer advertising under the established conditions (amounts, intervals, interest, penalties ...) between the parties.
Buy / sell keys or game hyfts.
Consider buying Steam hyfts or World Of Tanks keys. Very often scammers try to sell already used keys and hyfts for online games. It is a vicious circle. The buyer's side wants to get the keys, the hyfts to verify, but no seller will not give a key, because it can be used and not pay. Or vice versa, if the buyer will pay, there is no guarantee that he will get a working key or a hyft. So you need a guarantor, who will check the availability of keys or hyfts of any online games, and not just games, but any other virtual key. Ordering a service in this area, you get working keys and secure your money from fraudsters.

Buying / selling Yandex Direct promo codes.
Often, many users of Yandex Direct sell promo codes and for a safe purchase you will need the service of a guarantor, which will protect you from scammers. The code is not always working. The guarantor carefully checks promo codes during the transaction. In the case of working through a guarantor, the seller does not risk to be left without money and suffer from fraud. All the terms of the deal are clarified between the parties, and the guarantor in turn carefully checks them. If you want to buy Yad promo codes, you will need a guarantor at garantmarket.net for a secure transaction.
Guarantor service for multi-stage transactions.
Market guarantor services garantmarket.net are also used in multi-stage transactions. For example, it is a credit purchase with payment in several stages. For 100% security, the terms of the transaction are worked out in more detail, not only by the parties, but also by the guarantor himself, in order to identify deficiencies in the lending. After the conclusion of the agreement, the contract and a thorough check of the points of the deal, the guarantor makes transfers of funds and makes sure that the conditions agreed upon by the parties are fulfilled.

Purchase of goods at the expense of the capabilities of the guarantor.
A very popular service is that of a guarantor, as a trusted person in the purchase of goods. It would seem that you yourself could buy something on the Internet, but alas, this is not always the case. For example, foreign sites mostly use the PayPal payment system, and the user urgently needs to buy a certain value, but he does not have a PayPal wallet and does not want to bother and understand the features of the system. And since the sequence of registration in PayPal is complicated and too confusing for the standard user, he can simply give up the idea, choosing the easier and more rational way. The buyer applies to the guarantor, transfers the amount to convenient for him details, and after, the guarantor makes a purchase minus a small commission. This method is very common for sites that use foreign payment systems. It also applies to foreign users who do not know Russian and the payment system in Russia.
Guarantor as a control of compliance in online games.
Consider an example on the game Wars of Thrones, Rules of War or Sparta War of Empires. The genre of the game is strategic, here, too, very often require a common service guarantor. We are talking about ordering troops to defend or attack. The parties mutually discuss the timing of the protection of castles, sectors, stipulate the number of defensive, or in the case of an attack attacking troops, and then turn to the guarantor market garantmarket.net. The guarantor, having carefully studied the terms of defense or attack of certain locks, controls the transaction. After the protection/attack service provider performs, the guarantor makes sure that the ordered protection/attack is performed and transfers the funds to the service provider. These transactions stretch from one day to a whole month. As powerful players accumulate a good army, they begin to provide services to their army, and the guarantor service helps to protect both sides and check the honest work of the parties.

Service market guarantor as an intermediary with the conclusion of the contract through Arbitrage.
For the most correct transaction is made a quality contract through the WebMoney Arbitrage, after which all points are discussed between the parties and the guarantor thoroughly. The guarantor sends a confirmation of the contract. All conditions are respected at the highest level. All questions are resolved thoroughly every point. In case of a dispute, the arbitrators examine the contract and the party in breach of contract is penalized up to criminal liability. Ordering a guarantor will provide you with a quality contract, a safe deal for the duration of the contract. Such deals are usually ordered by programmers and their clients, and the guarantor, in his turn, conducts a quality deal taking into account the AW Contract.
Buying virtual valuables and game currency.
On the Internet often sell game currency in online games, but here is not the problem, the seller may not be bona fide, or such will be the buyer. In such a transaction also uses the service guarantor garantmarket.net as an intermediary to protect the parties from unscrupulous actions. Guarantor fully controls the process of transferring funds and game currency. Such transactions include transactions for the purchase of things in the game. The process of transferring things and money goes under the scrutiny of the guarantor market garantmarket.net. If you have doubts about the buyer/seller, guarantor service will protect you from fraud and help to make the deal.

The guarantor as a social mediator.
Guarantor services are often used in social media. In particular, this service is very popular when buying, selling or exchanging social pages on VKontakte, Odnoklassniki or other social networks. Many people have good social resources, such as VKontakte groups, pages with many followers on Instagram, groups on Odnoklassniki, groups and pages with many followers on Facebook or Twitter. So, these pages are very often bought, sold or swapped, and it is an experienced guarantor who can help you safely transfer this or that social product to the buyer. A guarantor will secure your money and virtual valuables, because a secure transaction is only possible with a third party acting as a transaction guarantor.
Guarantor as an intermediary parties in the purchase, sale of the site, domain, hosting.
Often on the Internet sell hosting accounts, beautiful domain names, or even a variety of sites (entertainment, or as a ready-made business). So, since the Internet is a dangerous world and scammers do not respect the bona fide terms of sale or purchase, you can not do without a guarantor for the correct purchase / sale. Guarantor, in turn, checks all the terms of the transaction, clarifies all aspects and explains all the risks involved in the transfer of funds or site, domain, hosting. Not always the party selling the site provides the real statistics of the resource, and vice versa, not always the buyer of the site in general transfers funds, and if so, they can be black - (the amount of the purse of the cheater in the future to be blocked).

Buying, selling internal currency in social networks.
Very often use the service guarantor and in the purchase of domestic currency in social networks. For example, you want to buy votes in VKontakte, or it is OKI in Odnoklassniki, and any other internal currency. As you understand, without the participation of a third party, any transaction contains the risk of fraud. To protect yourself, your money and virtual currency for such purchase or sale of virtual currency, you will need an experienced intermediary as a guarantor of the market garantmarket.net, which will secure you and explain all the risks, if they are present.
A guarantor as an intermediary to conclude a dispute.
This kind of transaction is often used by parties who are arguing about something and each party is sure to stand on its own. The guarantor in this transaction acts to settle the dispute and guarantee the transfer of funds to the winner of the dispute, because not everyone who loses will want to give up their money. A transaction guarantor will carefully verify that all of the terms are met, which the parties clarify before the dispute is concluded. If you want to wager for money, it is not safe to make such a deal without a guarantor, there is no guarantee that you will get your winnings.
Want to perform any operation on the Internet, let it be a purchase, exchange, transfer, withdrawal, order, transaction, contract, but doubt the trustworthiness of the resource, party, performer, opponent, order the service guarantor, which will protect you, your valuables and money from fraudsters. Regards, administration GARANTMARKET.