Realization of gaming, virtual values

"Realization of Value" - This is the transfer of full control of the value to the market, which then deals with the sale of your value/account. For this type of action you will need to hand over the complete package related to the value which you are handing over to us for realization. Including all other documents/checks necessary for the sale. We have to guarantee the security of the goods sold to the buyer before we sell them.
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A set of in-game currency suppliers to the store:
What is required for the transfer of goods for sale:
  • It must necessarily be a personal product, to which there is full access;
  • All account replenishment/value checks;
  • Full access to third-party services linked to the account that can directly/indirectly affect it;
  • A scan of your passport is taken as a guarantee of account security in the future (not always required);
  • Your IP address;
  • Your current phone number;
  • Full detachment of third-party props;
  • A clearly established price for the product;
  • Screenshots of value that fully describe the value;
  • Other data required;
  • Concluding a sales contract on a verbal basis;
  • Some ads are separately fixed on the site, which increases the number of their views. Separate ads/goods taken for sale are also attached to the site's forum, which also increases the number of product views;
To conclude a sales contract and discuss the transfer of goods for sale of the market, Contact Administration, or simply fill out the fulfillment form, thereby confirming all the conditions described on the fulfillment page.
Where the product is displayed and whether it is safe:
  • The product is displayed on the store site;
  • Garantmarket Shop
  • [lang=ru]Товар в свою очередь защищён и находится на безопасных серверах;The goods in turn are protected and located on secure servers;
  • We guarantee a bona fide sale for both sellers and buyers;
  • Resource Guarantees
  • Goods can be exhibited on the sites of partners, with all the data remain with us and no one to know but us, but this service requires additional partner rewards in the form of +15% to implementation, if the product will be bought not from partners, but through our store from partners, it automatically disappears, and these additional 15% charged from the sales amount. Accordingly, the implementation with the additional service display, on the sites of partners will cost 35% of the cost of sale;
  • The goods can be put up by our store on eBay to each product has its own conditions, all points are clarified with the administration;
  • Goods are displayed in the form of ads on the site GARANTMARKET, on the bulletin board in the appropriate section with a link to the store, in addition, the ad can be fixed;
  • On the goods are created topic on the forum GARANTMARKET, which also has a link to the store, topics can be assigned to the header shopping section;
  • If the account is not personal on the sale takes the account only if it is under the control of the buyer for more than six months, with all the details of the previous owner;
  • A full description of the account with its detailed achievements and screenshots is provided, while the identification marks of the account are hidden, for its safety;
  • The administration may refuse to sell your account without giving a reason;
  • There is no time limit on the sale, once the funds will be transferred to the sale, only after its sale;
  • In certain cases, the conditions of implementation can be changed, it all depends on the value;
  • Goods from the sale are not subject to exchange, only the sale;
  • As for the affiliate sites, which can be exhibited product, these sites are not possible to list, because the sites are very many and your product will be located not only on our platform, but also on the site partners around the Internet, which is a lot, which can significantly speed up the sale of your product;
  • You can also allocate separate partner rewards for faster sale of the account. For example, you put the product for 25% + 15% for exhibiting at partners, as well as an additional 5-15% reward, the product will be much faster exhibited at partners and offered to other players, to earn extra interest;
  • You can lower the price of an item that has been put up for sale if the item is not selling or is very expensive, but for the actual amount, you cannot lower the price of an item by 90%;
  • Some accounts are exposed purely by agreement with the administration on individual terms;
  • In the case of questionable behavior of the seller during the implementation of the account, the administration has the right to remove the account from the store for a certain period of time to ensure that for the removed time nothing happens to the character/account;
  • After the sale, the payment is made on the WMR purse in the system WebMoney, if you need funds for other details, the transfer is possible, but it is at your expense;
  • In the case of the goods to partners, the amount of additional withdrawal may be withheld for 10 days, because some payment systems or affiliate sites after the payment card this time is an additional check of the funds;
  • In the case of a fixed fee of 1000r, charged only % aggregate, namely the store and the % transfer of funds to you, if it is webmoney, in general, it is about 4.5% of the principal amount, if it is another payment system, respectively, the % will be increased by the commission between systems;
  • Exposing the goods at a fixed rate of 1000r, you can also additionally expose the goods at +15% partners;
  • If the account requires development and you want to leave access to the game at the time of sale, the goods are put up only by agreement for 1000r;
Important If you are not satisfied with perpetual sale, you do not want to pay 25% for withdrawal of goods from the store, or want to be able to return the account, say, having changed your mind to sell it, you have the opportunity to take advantage of our offer by prior arrangement, paying a fixed amount of 1000 rubles. Otherwise, the procedure of realization does not change, but you acquire the ability to at any time to take away their value. It is important to understand that the guarantor does the hard work and spends his personal time checking and displaying your product on the store, takes place on the board, directed traffic. Thereby giving you the opportunity to find an interested buyer and sell your goods at a good price. The ability to respect other people's work is the basis of civilized market relations.

General provisions:
  • For our part, we can guarantee you that the product on the store is protected and can not be hacked, your data can not be stolen from our store;
  • Data security
  • By submitting an item for sale, you confirm that the item is yours and you are responsible for it;
  • You should understand that we only accept safe accounts that do not carry any third-party bindings or risks, all this is done for the safety of the future buyer;
  • In case of any difficulties with the account after purchase, you undertake to help in any way possible to resolve the situation (e.g. providing information about the account registration data / other things);
  • You agree to provide correct information that belongs only to you and no one else;
  • By submitting the value for sale, you confirm that you agree with all the provisions and confirm that you comply with them;
  • For violators of the rules, who put the product on the market, and then decided to restore it for any reason, thereby removing from the implementation, account on complaint to tech support will be blocked;
  • The administration of the site has the right to turn off the goods at the store for the duration of the check, if the seller will seem suspicious and behave suspiciously. That is, the item will be removed/closed for sale for the duration of the check, if there are no problems with the item, it will be put back on sale;
Sales Timeline:
  • As for the timing of the sale of the account, for safety, some accounts are not put up for sale for up to a month, to check that nothing happens to the account for a long time. Usually this is done if the person does not provide the necessary information and does not confirm his identity;
  • Submitting your account for sale, you should understand that the account can be sold in 1 - 2 days or 1 - 2 months, it all depends of course on the price tag that you give the account for sale. We can't guarantee any timeframe for selling an account, but we do our best to sell your account/value faster;
  • Also, do not forget about the profitability of the account, because if the price you set can pump the account even better in the short term, then it is unlikely he will interest the buyer;
  • In the case of affiliate sales, an additional withholding period of 10 days comes into effect, after the sale for security purposes, this is a condition of affiliate stores;
  • In the case of purchases from cards of different banks, withholding of funds may be additionally made for 7 days after purchase for security and transaction verification purposes;
Important! If the product is not bought, think about reducing the price, look for similar products on the message board of the store, it is quite possible to review the design of the goods and add more information about the sold value.

Withdrawal from realization:
  • Withdrawal is possible if you pay 25% of the full sale price of the lot yourself;
  • Withdrawal of goods from the sale, if the goods were delivered with affiliate +15% commission, the goods are charged exactly the same for 25% and these 15% affiliate commission is not charged because the transaction did not take place;
  • Withdrawal of goods from the sale for free, if the product was put up for a fee for 1000r;
Important! You must understand that your product was checked and put on the market/shop, time was spent on it, as well as the site administration vouched for it and took over its control, and in turn provided security for the duration of the entire sale. Among other things, your product was fixed in the categories above the other ads and was constantly viewed, for which usually charged a commission, but in the case of the implementation was done free of charge to increase the number of views of your product. If you've decided to take your item off the marketplace, then be kind enough to follow the sales rules you used to put it on the marketplace. If the time exhibited at the store the product has not been sold, it means that he was not interested in the visitors and customers of the site, that is, most likely the product is not liquid, it's possible that this was due to the fact that the market were exposed to more favorable offers.

For this kind of realization of value with our guarantee of sale, we charge 25% of the value, but if it is a realization with the exhibition at us and additionally on the sites of partners, the interest rate may be different. For game currency the conditions are different.
We hope for your understanding and will try to sell the goods on our site not only by means of the store and the site, but also by attracting partners or advertising resources.