Creating android and ios apps

"Creating android and ios applications" is a quality development and implementation of your ideas in mobile applications on android and ios platforms with adaptation for all devices. We create mobile applications as a working business, a mobile game. Every day our developers go more and more way and perform a lot of sophisticated app development orders in all areas. We can guarantee you the creation of an innovative app that will work for you, with user-friendly functionality and adaptive layout. We are very responsible in creating applications and thoroughly analyze all the issues, moments of the customers, and most importantly in our case the rule of "price, quality" is applicable. We carry out high-quality development of the application on the necessary platforms at a low price.
The advantages of ordering from us:
  • We know exactly how it works;
  • We help you realize your goals with a personalized approach;
  • We will help you integrate the application with business processes;
  • We already have ready-made solutions at low prices and the shortest deadlines;
  • We actually do the work cheaper than our competitors and are not inferior in quality of creating applications;
  • We will help integrate your site with the application and set up quality work;
  • We have ongoing technical support for our developed applications;
  • Our resource is completely open to communication, we are always happy to help you;
This is not all positive aspects of working with us, we provide a quality product on a safe basis.
What exactly are we doing:
  • For us, creating mobile applications is easy, and of any type and complexity;
  • Filling your applications with content;
  • Calling and connecting target customers to your apps;
  • Outsourcing, or more precisely, the support of your applications and their updates;
  • Adapting applications for all devices;
  • Creating an app with the right usability, to call the customer to action;
  • Motivation of players in gaming applications, to donate and create a system of donation;
  • Connecting google ads to continuously earn money in the applications, by means of viewing ads;
  • Integration of advertising with gameplay in game applications;
  • We develop various applications of any complexity and with any functionality;
  • We help connect payment systems to applications;
  • We provide access to a web panel to manage your applications;
  • We create QR codes for applications and help you apply them correctly, both in applications and on websites;
We are engaged in a wide range of mobile application development and can realize almost any projects. Please contact us and we will definitely help you.
How to order:
  • To order, you can use the feedback to write to the site administration;
  • Contact via feedback
  • You must be clear about what you want and what kind of application you want;
  • For the administration you can provide examples, it will make it easier to understand your order;
  • Remember, the more information and explanations you contribute to the creation and development of your future application, the better and faster we will create the application;
  • We are result-oriented, so you can without any doubts place an order and make adjustments in the course of development;
  • It is advisable before ordering, to take a piece of paper, sketch, write down all the fine details, think through a chain of actions of your application and only after asking for high-quality work of programmers;
  • After you contact us, we will evaluate your task and let you know how long it will take to develop and how much it will cost;
  • Please ask questions and we will answer them;
  • You can also leave an order in the forum thread about creating mobile applications;
  • Discuss on forum
What affects the cost:
  • It all depends on the complexity of the task and your imagination on the application;
  • Sketching images for applications can specifically affect development costs;
  • As well as types of functional, which can also affect the cost, for example, such as: Contacts and geolocation, News and Promotions, Catalogue of goods or services, Feedback, Shopping cart and order history, Polls, Book of comments and suggestions, Photo gallery, Making an application, Write to services, Text pages, Push-notifications, Cost calculator, Calendars with news, Other functional;
  • The cost can be affected by adapting to all devices;
  • Implementation of complex and multitasking functionalities with various integrations;
  • It all depends on the complexity of the task, how long it will take to develop and run the project;
  • If you know exactly what you need and you have prepared a complete job to create an application, it will save time, respectively, the development will be cheaper;
Why do I need a mobile app?
  • For profit;
  • To recruit clients for your business;
  • To effectively invest in your business and its development, whether it's a game or some other application;
74 million Russians aged 14+ use the Internet on mobile devices, and many of them use google play, where your app will also be placed, and this number is only growing every year.
For developers:
  • If you are a developer and know programming languages for android and ios;
  • You know how to write and create functionalities;
  • You can create a program, script, design and step-by-step strategy to implement mobile applications;
  • We will consider you as our employee and will share orders with you, after the conclusion of the contract;
  • Developers get more than 90% of the profits from all orders;
  • Contact the administration and propose your candidacy;
  • Feedback
Please contact us, only quality work for you! Regards, administration GARANTMARKET.