General rules
General rules - this is a list of items that you undertake to comply with when registering on our site. Let's respect each other and the site where you and other readers come to communicate and express their thoughts. Thank you for your understanding!
  1. Actions to bypass a secure transaction;
  2. Posting, transmitting contact data, in any way. Use of contact data received from other users. Communication in the game after the execution of the order;
  3. Entering is not real data;
  4. Third Party Advertising;
  5. Irregular nickname, login;
  6. Spam;
  7. Mat, threats, insults;
  8. Veiled advertising;
  9. Disclosure;
  10. Referral link ads;
  11. hird Party Guarantor Advertising;
  12. Any action that directly or indirectly interferes with your work;
  13. Creating topics that conflict with sections;
  14. Racism, religious and political statements are forbidden;
  15. It is forbidden to leave contacts for off-site conversations. Because we can't verify and secure parties who act outside of a secure transaction, users who will try to make a transaction bypassing the guarantor, or the functionality of the site will be blocked;
  16. Abuse of the VIP account, namely, the removal of information from ads for the purpose of their uninformative, or placing advertising information;
Agreement of offer for the use of the store
Agreement of offer or public offer is a set of rules and concepts, based on which the purchase of virtual values in our store. Buying a product in our store, you automatically confirm that you are familiar with the contract of offer, on the provision of goods on our online store. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you read the following terms and conditions on the purchase and receipt of goods. First of all you should understand that you are buying an electronic product and you have no opportunity to feel it before buying. As practice shows, the majority of misunderstandings in online shopping arise from the fact that the buyer was in a hurry and did not carefully read the conditions of sale, delivery or product description. So take your time, don't spare an extra minute and carefully study all the information about the product you're buying.
  1. We accept accounts under strict fulfillment conditions;
  2. We accept game currency under strict rules;
  3. Partner goods, only verified sellers with a high level of BL and TL in the system Webmoney;
  4. The software is displayed only from the developers by their consent or from our developers, we do not display other people's products without permission;
  • To pay for the goods you should choose one of the most convenient ways of payment on the description page and click "pay". You will be redirected to the universal payment service "", where you will complete the payment procedure by following the instructions;
  • How to buy
  • Payment methods are subject to change;
  • Refunds are available no earlier than 24 hours from the date of payment;
  1. It is important to remember that buying/selling game currency, characters, accounts, things, items, ingredients, and other virtual valuables - all this is prohibited by the publisher's rules and license agreements, which you automatically agree to, registering in the game;
  2. We choose the safest methods of transferring goods and valuables. But the risk of loss/blockage of currency, items, cannot be completely excluded;
  1. We do our best to secure your future purchase and conduct a detailed background check, but we cannot completely rule out the risk of losing access, due to hacking or other reasons. In the event of loss of access, we will pass on all information about the seller and all available account information, but we do not guarantee that it will help you regain control of your account in the event of loss of access;
  2. By purchasing the account/value, you agree that:
    • After payment, no returns or exchanges are possible;
    • You should be aware that this is a virtual value and there is no refund or value once you receive it;
  3. If you are a developer and noticed your software on our site, be sure to contact us by studying the section of copyright holders, we will study your question and take action, not always can check all the products partners and responsible for partner products we do not bear, but be sure to consider all appeals from copyright holders in the shortest possible time;
  1. The item in question is either taken for sale and has been under the control of the market for a long time, after which it is put up for sale. Or the value is bought by the market and put up for sale;
  2. All valuables/goods/accounts/characters are checked in detail by the market, each seller of valuables has his passport scanned and all contact details are taken. By the time of sale, the item is under market control for more than 30 days, sometimes less. The entire month the valuables undergo a control check;
  3. IMPORTANT: A rule that is mandatory for everyone:
    • To avoid misunderstandings, be sure to record the video;
    • The video should start BEFORE you pay, the video should show the system time on your computer;
    • A customer complaint about an invalid account will only be considered if the above video is available. Otherwise, the store reserves the right to refuse to provide the buyer with a replacement;
In the event of an unforeseen situation, you are entitled to the assistance and participation of GARANTMARKET in solving the problem.
Offer Agreement on the use of the service guarantor
Agreement on the terms and procedures of the guarantor of secure transactions in the person of a regulated intermediary, that is, the guarantor. It is important to remember it is the closest rules, all transactions are carried out on a unique pattern and to each client applies a different way of registration of the transaction, which helps to protect the parties from fraudsters and scammers. We take all possible measures for the safety of the parties, thereby eliminating risks during the transaction and minimizing them after the transaction.
  1. Guarantor - a person of trust authorized by the parties to the transaction to represent mutual interests as an intermediary, in order to fulfill and comply with the terms and conditions of the contract by the parties to the transaction;
  2. Seller or Performer - the party to the transaction that offers a product or provides a service;
  3. Buyer or Customer - a party to the transaction that purchases goods or orders a service;
  4. The subject of the transaction is a digital good (site, domain, etc.), which is transferred from the seller to the buyer for a specified monetary equivalent;
  5. A secure transaction is the process of transferring the subject of a transaction from seller to buyer on the one hand, and money from buyer to seller through the GARANTMARKET service guarantor to ensure protection against fraudulent actions on both sides;
  6. Arbitration is a method of resolving any disputes that arise between the parties to the transaction with the participation of the guarantor;
  7. Deal parameters are all the information that is used to identify the deal in the GARANTMARKET guarantor service;
  8. Transaction Regulations - the format of interaction in the process of the transaction between the Guarantor and the parties to the transaction;
  9. Intermediary - GARANTMARKET/GMZIPPO - accepts and, following the rules of the Agreement, executes Clients' orders;
  10. Client - a person who has placed an order with the Intermediary to use intermediary services;
  11. Player - a person who participates in the game process, that is, in the Game;
  12. Game Account - the Player's account necessary for the Game, which contains his characters and game valuables, and which makes it possible to log in to the Game;
  13. The game is a program for the computer, in which many Players can participate at once via the Internet;
  14. Game resource - a means of payment, which is used by Players to purchase certain values, representing either game currency, which is special for each type of the Game - yuan, gold, gold, or other value, which is conventionally accepted as a means of payment in the Game;
  15. Game item - various items that are necessary for character development in the Game, such as armor, weapons, styles, etc;
  16. Game Object is a term that includes the concepts of Game Account, Game Items, and Game Resources;
  17. Character development - actions the Player performs in the Game in relation to the character, consisting of achieving any goals, depending on the conditions of the Game, which include improving the characteristics of the character, that is pumping his skills or increasing the experience gained, and overcoming any stage of the Game;
  • The Guarantor is a trusted intermediary between the Participants in carrying out the transaction;
  1. The service of conducting a secured transaction through the Guarantor is available to all comers;
  2. Guarantor does not provide services for transactions related to social networks, child porn, carding and other activities that are prohibited by current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  3. The Guarantor shall not be liable if the Buyer or the Customer has not re-registered the domain/hosting in time;
  4. The services rendered by the Guarantor are chargeable, the procedure and amount of the fee;
  5. Participants are NOT obliged to use the services of a Guarantor when conducting transactions. The use of a Guarantor is desirable when there are doubts about the bona fides of one of the parties to the transaction;
  1. The Guarantor shall resolve any disagreements between the Buyer and the Seller at his own discretion, and third-party experts may be engaged;
  2. Guarantor himself will never write to you the exception is to check the guarantor of authenticity;
  3. The Guarantor is obliged to comply with the Rules of the transaction and to monitor compliance with the Rules on the part of the parties to the transaction;
  4. Guarantor never talk on the microphone, only by agreement in the case of ordering an extraordinary transaction;
  5. Guarantor is not responsible for the quality of goods and services transferred to the Buyer;
  6. The guarantor only checks the validity of the data provided during the transaction;
  7. Starting a dialogue with the guarantor, you agree with the rules and nuances described in the sections of the site;
  8. All operations are performed only after you find us in Odnoklassniki / Facebook / VKontakte / ICQ / Skype / Telegram guarantor and contact him. Or register on GARANTMARKET and write guarantor gmzippo;
  9. All transactions guarantor draws only on the site in the chat general conversation GARANTMARKET;
  1. The execution of this contract is binding on all parties to the transaction, including the guarantor;
  2. The seller and the buyer should discuss all the details of the transaction, including the scope and quality of the subject matter, before beginning the transaction;
  3. The Guarantor has the right to refuse to provide its services without giving a reason;
  4. Transaction Participants must comply with the Transaction Regulations and follow the instructions of the Guarantor, for each transaction the instructions may be unique at the discretion of the Guarantor;
  5. The buyer and seller are obligated to carry out each step of the transaction as quickly as possible, without delaying the process;
  6. The guarantor undertakes to provide consulting services and help the participants during the deal in every possible way;
  7. In case of disputes, the Guarantor may ask the seller to provide the goods;
  8. The Seller may withdraw from the transaction without giving any reason prior to the transfer of the money by the Buyer to the Guarantor's account;
  9. The Guarantor decides all disputes arising between the Seller or the Contractor and the Buyer or the Customer. The Guarantor may, at its discretion, engage third parties as experts to resolve disputes;
  10. The Guarantor is not responsible for the quality of goods or services received by the Buyer or the Customer. The Guarantor is engaged in securing and controlling the transfer of goods or services and funds between the Seller or the Contractor and the Buyer or the Customer;
  11. The Guarantor shall not be liable for the activities of the Seller or the Contractor and/or the Buyer or the Customer that have caused any loss to any person whatsoever;
  12. To resolve disputes in which the Seller or the Contractor and the Buyer or the Customer cannot reach an agreement, the Guarantor shall perform the functions of the Arbitration Court of Arbitration. The Guarantor shall consider disputes from 1 to 5 business days. If the review of the dispute requires the involvement of third parties as experts, the review time may be extended to 180 days;
  13. If the Buyer or the Seller withdraws from their obligations after the transfer of the Money to the Guarantor, it shall be returned to the Buyer, less an amount corresponding to the Guarantor's fee, as compensation to the Guarantor for the preparation/conduct of the transaction;
  14. The Buyer/Customer must fully inspect the subject of the transaction immediately upon receiving it from the guarantor;
  15. The parties to the transaction must comply with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation, the paragraphs of this Agreement, and execute all instructions of the Guarantor;
  16. The Buyer/Customer confirms its intentions to complete the transaction to the end, from the moment the money is transferred to the Guarantor. Exception: technical reasons in the process of the transaction, which reveals the unreliability of the primary information, when agreeing the purchase and sale transaction;
  17. If the Seller, or the Contractor is unable to fulfill the terms of the transaction, the funds shall be returned to the account of the Buyer, or the Customer. The commission for money transfer is paid by the Buyer, or the Customer, unless otherwise specified in the conditions of the transaction;
  18. Working through a guarantor, in case of unforeseen and abrupt rejection of the transaction, for no reason whatsoever, you must understand that you can be entered into the Black List of the market, on the assumption of fraud;
  19. In case of suspicious activity or probable risks, the guarantor has the right to keep the amount and values for up to 30 days, and after that to finish the transaction on a safe basis, the funds for the additional stage in this case are charged in full;
  20. Each transaction is unique in its own way, so all the points about the specific transaction the guarantor explains during the general conversation with clients;
  21. When using the guarantor service, the client is obliged to notify the rights holders of the fact of the transaction, if this takes place;
  22. If the party does not respond to the transferred goods and does not respond, the administration has the right to decide in favor of the buyer and return the funds to the buyer;
  1. We don't work over the phone;
  2. We don't text;
  3. All transactions are made on the site, only after you contact the guarantor;
  4. The guarantor makes the transaction on GARANTMARKET.NET and nowhere else;
  5. Conducting and explaining all transactions is classified (only the basic methods of transaction are unclassified) to guarantee a secure transaction, for certain types of transactions apply different methods of transaction, which helps protect both sides from fraud;
  6. Remember, the guarantor himself never contacts you, we do not work by mail, only in a general conversation in the chat on the site GARANTMARKET.NET;
  1. The guarantor did not receive data from the game/other virtual value - no commission is charged only if the transaction did not take more than 20 minutes;
  2. Guarantor received data from the game/other virtual value - 100% commission;
  3. Guarantor charges 100% commission on any outcome of the transaction to buy/sell the game values and any exchange, any kind of freelance transactions;
  4. Guarantor charges 100% commission on any outcome of the transaction of game currency pouring and similar transactions;
  5. The guarantor charges 100% commission in some cases, when customers delay the transaction, after which it is canceled regardless of whether the data was received or not, for your time. You should be aware that the transaction could have been conducted by other clients besides you;
  1. Guarantor's commission is listed in the general price list on the website, the average commission is about 4.5% depending on the amount of the transaction;
  2. Payment for the Guarantor's services shall be made by the Buyer. The Seller may pay for the Guarantor's services by "understating" the value of the goods-service;
  3. If the seller pays the commission to the guarantor, from the amount that comes from the buyer for the value, and there is a cancellation of the transaction or a refund or any other option to terminate/break the transaction, by decision of one of the parties, under conditions beyond the control of the guarantor, the guarantor commission is charged from the buyer's amount by default;
  4. Commission concerning the transaction of exchanging accounts/valuables/goods with surcharge is charged additionally according to the amount of surcharge, if the amount of surcharge exceeds 7999r;
  5. Payment for the Guarantor's services is made in the process of the transaction according to the step-by-step explanation of the Guarantor in the general chat of the transaction;
  6. If the transaction is terminated for reasons beyond the Guarantor's control, the commission fee shall not be refunded;
  7. Payment of the commission to the Guarantor shall be made by crediting money to the account of the Guarantor;
  8. Payment can be made by either party, including the division of commissions;
  1. The Seller/Executor and the Buyer/Customer, having contacted the Guarantor via electronic communication (e-mail, Skype correspondence, ICQ, etc.) to conduct the transaction under its protection, shall be deemed to have agreed to all the clauses of this Agreement;
  2. This Agreement may be amended and supplemented unilaterally without binding notice to the parties to the transaction;
  3. By ordering to the Mediator, the Client agrees that the Mediator executes only mediation services in accordance with the Client's order and is responsible for the actual execution of the actions that were ordered by the Client to the Player;
  4. Putting relevant documents on the Intermediary's Site is considered an analog of the Intermediary's signature. Access to these documents is available only to the Mediator and persons authorized by the Mediator. The posting of any documents related to the Customer's order by third parties shall have no legal effect and shall in no way infringe upon the interests of the Parties;
  5. The Parties acknowledge that emails and other means of electronic communication exchanged between the Parties shall have the same effect as documents executed in writing and bearing the signatures of the Parties. Unless the Parties have stipulated special rules for the transaction and unless such rules are specified on the Mediator's Website, documents sent by e-mail shall be valid by themselves and shall not require additional paperwork and special certifications, which shall also apply to the signatures of the Parties;
  6. Attention! Transactions carried out exclusively on the site, to carry out the transaction, you need to contact the guarantor to give access to the general chat deal. Be careful, remember that we do not conduct transactions outside the site. The site is not responsible for your inattention;
Offer Agreement and Explanation of the Use of Automatic Transaction
This is an automatic functionality that allows the service to automatically act as an intermediary, which in turn provides a step-by-step transfer between the two parties.
  1. Autotransaction is an automatic service on the api of payment systems by which users create a transaction;
  2. The service is an intermediary and performs the process of transferring funds and goods between the parties in stages;
  3. You should understand that the service is not responsible if the buyer decides to transfer funds to the seller before receiving the goods, although in the chat auto deal there are instructions not to perform such actions, the person is doing it at your own risk, which may entail not getting the agreed goods;
  4. When creating an autotransaction, it is offered to choose a payment method, by which the transaction will be executed and by which the other party will receive funds. You can choose one system and accept the transaction within the same system;
  5. After the buyer replenishes the transaction, the seller is instructed to transfer the goods in the transaction, and the buyer in turn to check it all, and only after he checked and got full control of the value, received the service performed or other goods/services, he is invited to send funds in favor of the seller;
  6. The automatic deal has a "open dispute" button that appears after the parties have accepted the deal, which can be used to connect an administrator to the deal for help;
  7. The system also allows both parties to replenish the transaction, which allows for more complex transactions, such as as collateral, when both parties contribute a certain agreed amount and exchange goods;
  8. Autotransaction allows you to withdraw funds only to each other, after replenishing funds back to himself the client can not withdraw;
  9. If the goods have been transferred and the data have been changed, or the service is provided, and the amount has not been transferred to the seller of goods and services, the site administration has the right to withdraw funds to the seller, if there is no response and action from the buyer;
  10. If the parties record a video of the transaction, it is possible to verify the accuracy of the information said in the event of a dispute, which helps to fairly resolve a dispute between the parties, if there is one;
  11. You should understand that we have developed the functionality to help you in your role as an intermediary and we are not responsible for your choices or actions with the products;
  12. You can always open a dispute and we will help to resolve it, using the service, you agree with any decision made by the site administration in the case of dispute resolution, we, in turn, will make every effort to get the truth and a fair assessment of the situation;
  13. In the event that one of the parties partially or completely ruined an item during the transaction and then decided to abandon it, you should understand that you automatically buy or compensate for the item on which the transaction began, there are exceptions that are resolved through a dispute;
  14. When you make a transaction using the automatic functionality, the system will ask you to follow clear instructions and their order in the chat. If you do not follow this order, you risk losing everything, even at the moment of the transaction. This set of actions and instructions is designed to protect the parties at the time of the transaction. If you violate it, there may be dire consequences, for which the site administration is not responsible;
  15. We are not responsible for your actions and decisions, we can return the funds only as long as they are on the balance of the transaction, transferring funds from the balance of the transaction in favor of the other party, you confirm that you have received the goods and services in full;
  16. After the automatic transaction is processed, users are prompted to close the transaction, this is done at will and has no effect on the outcome or the transaction in the future;
  17. In the transaction there are commissions for deposit, in the case of bank cards there are commissions for withdrawal, a certain part is charged by the payment unit / bank, for withdrawal of funds by bank card, this amount is charged from the transaction amount only in the case of bank cards, usually it is 3%+50 for Russia and 3%+200r for other countries. When you make an autotransaction above the chat of the transaction on cards this information is indicated, you confirm the agreement with the commissions of the service;
  18. In any transaction outcome, the service does not return the commission, you agree to this rule of action on the autotransaction;
  19. Service is not responsible for the choice of parties in the transaction, we only provide an opportunity to formalize a secure transaction through the step by step transfer of goods/services/money;
  20. Service protects you only at the time of the transaction, because after the transaction can not track further action with the goods / services and their changes;
  21. It is impossible to close a deal with a positive balance;
General offer agreement for the use of the site and forum
In accordance with this Agreement the Company offers User to use GARANTMARKET.NET to placing information about a product (services) for the purpose of subsequent purchase or sale of various goods and services by other Users. sale of various goods and services by other Users. User Agreement is considered an offer. In accordance with Article 438 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (CC RF), the unconditional acceptance of the terms of this offer is deemed to be The User registers on the Website by filling out registration form and expressing consent to the terms and conditions of the Agreement by pressing the "Register" button, located on the registration form page of the Site registration form. This Agreement, concluded by accepting of the present offer, does not require bilateral signing, and is valid in electronic form. User's use of the Website means that User accepts and agrees to comply with all of the following terms and conditions Agreement
  1. Site - a set of software and hardware for computers, providing the publication of publicly available information and data, united by a common purpose, through technical means, used for communication between computers on the Internet. The site is available Users by a unique electronic address or an alphabetical designation. The Agreement defines the Site as the Site located on the Internet at GARANTMARKET.NET;
  2. Site User means a Registered User who has completed the registration procedure on the Site and uses the Site for personal purposes, solely in the manner regulated by this agreement and other documents, which regulate the relationship between User and the Company;
  3. Personal account - a set of secure pages on the Site, created by When registering a User, on which the User can choosing and ordering Services, depositing and transferring funds to the Personal account Services, the accounting of funds, payment history, and the use of free services. The access to the Personal profile is provided by the User by entering the User's account information;
  4. Account/Profile - a unique name (login) and password for accessing User's personal pages within the Site;
  5. Rules - a list of rules and regulations, on the basis of which this Site operates This site, as well as all processes of interaction between Company and users on pages of the Site. Such rules in particular. in particular include - the User Agreement, the Public offer to Conclusion of agency agreement for legal actions fulfillment, Public offer to conclude a service agreement, as well as other documents, which regulate the Website operation and are published on the pages of the Website;
  6. Services - Paid and Free services provided by the Company under the terms of of this agreement to the User through the Site;
  7. Announcement - information about the purchase/sale of goods/services placed User on the pages of the site in accordance with the requirements of this Agreement, as well as other documents that regulate the operation of Site and published on the pages of the Site;
  8. Database is an aggregate of User Profiles on the Site;
  9. Paid services - kind of services that are provided exclusively to registered users of the site GARANTMARKET.NET, due to their acceptance of the rules and the direct expression of will posted on the pages of the site, which is aimed at obtaining any result;
  10. Free services - a type of services that are provided exclusively to registered users of the GARANTMARKET>NET site on a free of charge basis;
  11. Personal (Personal) Account - the system of accounting of funds on the Site for Users' payment transactions, located in their myAlpari;
  12. Moderation - review by the Company of information posted (or planned to be posted - Pre-moderation) on the Site by a registered User for for its compliance with the provisions of the Agreement;
  1. The Agreement is developed by the Company and defines the terms of use of Website, as well as the rights and obligations of its Users and the Company;
  2. The Agreement regulates the way the Company provides the User services for the use of the Site. Besides this Agreement the relations between User and the Company can be regulated by other special documents, regulating the provision of certain services of the Company and placed in the relevant sections of the Site;
  3. The current version of the Agreement is available on the Internet at;
  4. The Company reserves the right to change the text of this Agreement, notifying Users by publishing a new version of the Agreement on the Internet at User is obliged to regularly monitor the changes made in the Agreement. If the User does not agree with the new version of the Agreement, the User Is obliged to stop using the Site immediately. In case after The User continues to use the Website after the new version of the Agreement takes effect. using the Site, the User thereby confirms their full consent to the new version of the Agreement. with the new edition of the Agreement;
  5. The User is obliged to read the Agreement in full before registration procedure on the Site. Use of the Site means the User's full and unconditional acceptance of this Agreement in accordance with in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  6. Acceptance of this Agreement is carried out by accepting The User accepts the terms of the Agreement when registering on the Site or from the moment of beginning of the User's use of the Site without registration to the extent that it is allowed by the functionality of the Site. Registration on the Site without confirming acceptance of this Agreement is technically impossible. Acceptance of this Agreement means that the User guarantees that under that he has sufficient legal capacity under the law of his jurisdiction to To enter into the Agreement;
  1. User registration on the Site is voluntary;
  2. To obtain full access to the Site, the User must go through registration procedure and obtain their unique Account. One User may not have more than one Account on the Site;
  3. The registration procedure is as follows: 1) The user indicates his E-mail, login, password, full name; 2) The site sends a message to Email for confirmation and verification of access to the specified Email User access to the specified Email; 3) Clicking on the link or having copied link in the address bar of the browser User is authenticated on the site and confirms the correctness of his data, acquires status of the User of the Site;
  4. When registering on the Site, the User must provide to the Site the necessary accurate and up-to-date information to form personal page of the User, including a unique for each User's login and password for access to the Site, as well as his/her own name. The registration form on the Site may ask the User for User additional information;
  5. The user is obliged to ensure the reliability and confidentiality of his personal data used by the User to access the Site. The User is aware that the security of his Account directly depends on the complexity (robustness to guessing) of their password password. The User is recommended that at the end of each session of use of the Site he/she Website securely log out of their Account by clicking the "Log Out" link. Any and all activities conducted under the User's Account will be deemed to have been conducted by that User. User will be deemed to have been made by that User;
  6. When registering, the User undertakes to provide true and complete information complete information about himself on the issues proposed in the registration form, and and keep this information up to date with the subsequent Site. If the User provides incorrect information or if the Company has reasons to believe that the information provided by the User information is incomplete or unreliable, then the Company has the right at its at its own discretion to block or delete the User's Account and prohibit the User from using the Site;
  7. The login and password chosen by the User are necessary and sufficient information sufficient information for the User's access to the Site. User has no has the right to pass his login and password to third parties and bears full personal responsibility for their safety;
  8. In case User loses control over his Account User must immediately notify the Company by E-mail, which is specified in this Agreement;
  9. The Company reserves the right at any time to require User to confirm the data specified when registering or using the Site afterwards. subsequent use of the Site. If the User fails to provide them, the Company may consider it as the provision of unreliable information by the User;
  10. The User is notified and agrees that the information about him/her and the Content posted on the Site becomes available to other Users of the Site;
  11. The User hereby gives his consent to the Company to receive service and information messages to the contact information specified by the User when registering on the Site or making changes to his Account;
  12. If the User violates the terms of this Agreement The Company has the right to immediately and without prior notice to the User at its own discretion, to apply to the User such liability measures, such as temporarily or permanently blocking the User's access to his or her Account. User's Account, deletion of any Content, including if such Content does not comply such Content does not comply with applicable law and/or this Agreement, as well as as well as if the Company (or the Site) has received a notice from third of third parties about the User's violation of their rights when posting the Content within the Site. Any provisions of this Agreement shall not be construed as obligation of the Company to apply the specified liability measures to User;
  13. As for information about himself, the User has the right to independently to delete or change the information previously posted by the User in his profile;
  1. The company has the right:
    • Change the design of the Site, the Content, the list of services at any time, modify or supplement the software used or stored on the Site software and other objects, any server applications at any time with or without prior notice or without notice;
    • If necessary, to send to Users by e-mail and other available means messages relating to the use of the Site other available means of communication regarding the use of the Site;
    • Change the terms and conditions of the account or terminate the account (temporarily or permanently) temporarily or permanently, with or without notice; and with or without notice;
    • Modify or delete any Content contained in the advertisement that at the discretion of the Company violate and/or may violate the laws of the Russian Federation, provisions of the Agreement and the rights of third parties, as well as suspend, limit or terminate User access to all or any of the sections or services of the Site with or without prior notice with or without notice;
    • Provide the User with paid and free services, the order of provision which are described in this Agreement, as well as other documents, regulate the relationship between the Company and users;
    • Request at any time and in any form from the user consent to processing of personal data on the Site and that the personal data, posted on the Site will be considered publicly available;
    • Import and save personal data to which the user has provided Accessed by the User;
    • Set additional restrictions on the use of the Site, and Set additional restrictions on the use of the Site, and change such restrictions at any time;
    • If direct or indirect evidence of fraud is detected, block the User's account User and cancel the personal account unilaterally;
    • In the event of non-compliance with this Agreement or damage and/or losses caused by another User, to block and cancel the personal account of such User; and cancel the personal account of such User;
    • Perform other actions to improve the quality and convenience of of use of the Site by Users;
  2. The company is obligated to:
    • provide information and personal data left by Users, to third parties and other users subject to the provisions of of this agreement and the norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
    • Is obliged to organize and ensure the proper provision of services User, within the terms of this Agreement, as well as other documents that regulate the relationship between the User and Company;
    • Receive appeals from Users about the facts of fraud on the Site through the creation of the topic on the basic page of the black list of the site, which is available in general access for the safety of visitors to the site;
    • provide oral and written advice to the User on additional questions that may arise in the process of implementing of this Agreement, as well as other documents that regulate relationships between the User and the Company;
  3. Platform:
    • is not a bank, payment system or other financial organization and does not keep settlement accounts of users. The cabinet of provides only convenience of settlements between clients, agents, players.
  1. The user has the right:
    • Register on the Site in the manner prescribed by the Agreement, and get access to the services of the Site;
    • To address to the Company with the purpose of solving disputable issues or for Help in using the Site, but before that undertakes to study the help section at;
    • To deposit any amount of money at your discretion in order to replenish Personal account for further ordering of paid services;
    • Demand proper performance of the services provided for in this Agreement, as well as other documents that regulate The Company and the User;
    • Post announcements of intent to terminate, change or civil rights and obligations in strict compliance with requirements of this Agreement, as well as other documents that regulate the relationship between the Company and the User;
    • Require the Company to comply with the terms and conditions governed by This Agreement, as well as other documents that regulate Company and the User;
  2. User is obligated to:
    • Provide only truthful personal information and subsequently Make necessary corrections if such personal data changes, In the manner provided for in this Agreement, as well as other documents, which regulate the relationship between the Company and user;
    • Strictly and in full compliance with all of the rules that govern this Agreement, as well as other documents that regulate relationships between the Company and the User;
    • Do not use the services provided by the Company for unlawful Not use the services provided by the Company for illegal purposes or for purposes that may in any way harm the Company and/or third parties;
    • Not to disclose confidential information, which became known to him Do not disclose confidential information that has become known to him as a result of his relationship with the Company;
    • Not to perform actions prohibited by the Agreement on the Site;
    • Do not violate the policy on quoting, copying and distribution of Content;
    • At least once every 2 weeks to get acquainted with the content of the Agreement and other The rules governing the provision of services by the Company
    • Report about fraud on the Site through the support service of the Site at
    • Report about conflict situations with other Users in specialized section on the site at the Internet address, where online the Company will decide and block the account of a dishonest User and its ads, and funds, if possible, will be returned to the User who was harmed by a dishonest User;
  3. When using the Site, the User is prohibited:
    • Use the Site in any way that may interfere with the normal functioning of the Site and its services;
    • Download, store, publish, distribute and make available or otherwise use viruses or other malicious software;
    • Upload, publish or otherwise transmit the following Content: - violating applicable laws of the Russian Federation;
      - offensive to other Users and third parties, violating their honor and dignity;
      - vulgar, obscene, of a pornographic nature;
      - of an official or non-public nature (trade secrets); and secret);
      - which are subject to the exclusive rights of the Company, other Users and third parties without their consent obtained in the prescribed Russian Federation law;
      - that violates the exclusive rights of the Company, other Users and third parties; and third parties;
      - containing the personal data of third parties without their consent to the posting of such data;
      - intended to disrupt, destroy or limit the the functionality of any software, hardware, or telecommunications equipment;
      - of an advertising nature, as well as spam, invitations to participate in or other ways of imposing services;
      - containing information or instructions on how to commit illegal describing or advocating criminal activity, as well as The term "criminal activity" is used in the following sections of this chapter;
      - promoting animal cruelty; - advocating physical harm or injury to any public authority, person or entity, including but not limited to Among other things, instructions for making explosive devices, explosives incendiary mixtures, and other weapons and means of destruction;
      - containing threats, slanderous, defamatory information;
      - which is fraudulent in nature;
      - propaganda of racial, religious, ethnic hatred or hate or animosity, any other information that violates the rights protected by law human and civil rights;
    • Perform actions aimed at destabilizing the Site, attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site the Site or its restricted areas (areas access to which is allowed only to the Site), as well as to perform any similar the Site), as well as to perform any other similar actions;
    • Collect and/or store personal data of Users for commercial purposes. In particular, collect email addresses or other contact information of registered Users by automated or other means, including for the purpose of unauthorized sending of mail (spam) or other unsolicited information;
    • Use automated scripts (programs) to gather information and/or interact with the Site;
    • By any means, including hacking, to try to gain access to access someone else's account against the will of the registered User to whom it belongs; or it belongs to;
    • Placing pornographic materials on the Site or hypertext links to Internet sites containing such materials;
    • Post any other information that, in the opinion of the Company, is undesirable, does not correspond to the purposes of creation of the Site, infringes interests of Users or for other reasons is undesirable for place on the Site.
  1. The Site is free of charge for registered Users: - for registering on the Site and accessing the secure pages of the Site User does not pay;
  2. Within the framework of this Agreement, the Company provides the User with a number of services, which are provided both on a paid and free basis;
  3. Free services include information services that do not impose any financial obligations on the user User does not have any financial obligations to Company;
  4. Paid services include services in which the User undertakes to undertake to transfer funds to the Company, by activating the service and at the same time write off from the personal account of the User The corresponding sum of money, and the Company in turn undertakes to provide such ordered services to the User. The paid services include: purchase of premium account, purchase of user groups on the Site, changing titles and ranks, buying advertising on the Site, buying reputations, buying awards, different coloring of user topics, change of user name, individual design of user themes, purchase of game currency, rights upgrade, group promotion, award buying, nickname changing, status changing, advertising on the site, services for registration in the directory and other paid services described on the site. List of paid services not limited and may change at the discretion of the Company unilaterally without the consent of the Users;
  5. Paid Service shall be deemed ordered from the moment when the User has accepted the offer to order any paid service;
  6. The Company has the right to refuse to provide services to the User in the following cases cases:
    • In case the User has violated and/or is in breach of the rules that regulated by this Agreement, as well as other documents, which regulate the relationship between the Company and the User;
    • Attempts by a User to cause any kind of damage to the Site or the Company;
    • User's refusal to comply with any requirements on the part of Company or the Site, including refusal to provide documents to the Company, confirming the data specified by the User when registering or subsequent use of the Site;
  7. Within the framework of this Agreement, the Company provides paid services User, and charges for such services, depending on their nature, monetary funds;
  8. The cost of paid services is set for each service separately and is specified in the description of such service;
  9. To optimize financial processes between the Company and the User a special electronic payment system has been introduced on the pages of the Site;
  10. At the moment of the User's registration on the Site, he has In addition to a number of functionalities, he/she forms a personal account, which is individual for his account;
  11. To order paid services provided by the Company, the User must pay for the services. To do this in the personal cabinet or on the page, where the information about paid service with the possibility of its purchase is presented, User chooses the required paid services, and the software Site software automatically calculates their total cost. In case of amount on the User's account on the Site is greater than or equal to the total cost of of the chosen paid services, the User has an opportunity to order paid services;
  12. If there are no funds on the User's personal account funds insufficient to order the paid service, such service cannot be such service cannot be provided;
  13. To activate paid services, the User is offered to replenish personal account, in the amount sufficient for ordering paid services. Crediting funds by the user to the personal account is made by any of the methods offered by the Company on the Site;
  14. The Company also gives the User an opportunity to transfer funds from his personal account to other registered Users for purchased goods or specified services;
  1. At the moment of User registration on the Site, for the convenience of using Site and services of the Company, the User gets access to a personal cabinet. Personal profile is a set of protected pages on the Site, created during the registration of the User, on which the User select and order Services, make deposits to the Personal account, and transfer of funds in payment for services, funds accounting, payment history, as well as use of free services;
  2. Access to the Personal profile is made by the User by entering the User's Account Information;
  3. For convenient navigation in the User's myAlpari there is a menu with the contents of the available functions;
  4. The Personal profile contains information about the status of the personal account User, as well as other information provided by the Site;
  5. Software and hardware functionality of the User's myAlpari allows you to control the balance, as well as monitor statistical data Site;
  1. The user receives the right to place ads on the Site after fill out a special form specifying the parameters of the goods or services offered or services;
  2. The user who places advertisements for goods or services on the Site, undertakes to place information about them in accordance with this Agreement and other documents which regulate the relations between the Company and the User, and provide accurate and complete information about the goods or services and conditions of their sale. By posting information about the product or service, the User confirms that he has the right to Right to sell this product or provide this service;
  3. The user is personally responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information he places in the ad;
  4. The user warrants that the goods/services he offers actually correspond to the description, as well as the quality standards, established by the legislation of the Russian Federation for this type of goods/services. In case, If the product(s) they are selling have any flaws (or deviations from the descriptions of the features in the ad), User agrees to indicate this in the ad;
  5. It is the user's responsibility to carefully check and further verify (for the duration of the throughout the posting period) all information about the goods and services posted on the Site. services placed by him on the site, and in case of detection of incorrect add the necessary information in the description of the goods or services. If this is not possible, correct the incorrect information by canceling ad and re-posting information about the product or service;
  6. The terms of delivery must be included in the description of the goods, and the terms of of services in the description of the service. Terms of sale of goods and provision of services, drawn up by the User must not contradict this Agreement and the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  7. The Company has the right to move, terminate or extend the period of User's listing for technical reasons beyond or under the control of the Company. under the control or beyond the control of the Company. The site has the right to terminate publication of the ad if the User has registered a product or service in in violation of the terms of this Agreement, documents regulating Company and User relations, and the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  8. The user is forbidden:
    • Actions to bypass a secure transaction;
    • It is forbidden to leave contacts for off-site conversations. Because we can't verify and secure parties who act outside of a secure transaction, users who will try to make a transaction bypassing the guarantor, or the functionality of the site will be blocked;
    • Publish completely the same ads, whether it's a forum or site, or different sections;
    • Publish announcements that are similar in content, where it is obvious that they are the same offer;
    • Duplicate identical ads from different email addresses email addresses;
    • Publish ads in a section that does not correspond to the the content of the ad;
    • Publish advertisements that contain repeated punctuation marks and/or non-alphabetic characters;
    • Publish ads whose description and/or title/photos are are unrelated, unreadable;
    • Insert links in the ad to resources that contain malicious elements or links to the home page of the site;
    • Place an advertisement for a product or service if such placement may result in a violation of applicable law;
    • Place any goods that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, the Commonwealth of Independent States, European Union countries;
    • Post items that do not meet the requirements of this Agreement;
    • Post items that violate copyrights;
    • Post Trojans or malware, or click on them;
    • Posting viral software;
    • Post programs for hacking and unauthorized information;
    • Posting "hacker" programs;
    • Post information about the sellers and buyers of the marketplace CM Shop;
    • Place information about users of payment systems;
    • Place any rating boosting software (autosurfers, autocollectors, autoclickers, etc.);
    • Place email addresses and mail servers (email databases, spam lists);
    • Place software designed to collect email addresses or mass mailings (bulletin board information addresses or mass mailing of letters (information on bulletin boards, forums, blogs, etc.);
    • Post items of pornographic and erotic nature;
    • Posting products with names, descriptions, or content that advertise third-party resources, stores, shopping sites, etc. advertise third-party resources, stores, trading platforms, etc;
    • Post products dedicated to making fast money (MLM and financial pyramids, investment projects, sponsorship projects, ways, secrets, earning methods, business packages, etc.);
    • Place items-collections (containing several different types of goods);
    • Post account replenishment information in SMS services with a substitution of the sender's number;
  9. Announcements may be subject to selective posting or pre-moderation by representatives of the Company;
  10. The Site (representatives of the Company) has the right to:
    • Make corrections to the text of User advertisements regarding spelling and punctuation that do not affect the overall meaning of the content of the ad;
    • It is not allowed to specify incorrect characteristics of the subject of the subject of the offer in the announcement. Including the indication of the price that does not correspond the actual selling price of the product or service. The price should be indicated in full for the entire product or service;
    • The title of the ad must match the text of the the ad itself and must not contain contact or personal information about the User (phone number, e-mail address, Internet address, etc.) resource);
    • A photo showing the product/service offered for sale by the User must match the title and text of the ad. for sale must match the title and text of the ad. The photo only the offered object must be shown (if the posting of the photo provided by the functionality of the Site);
    • The Company is not responsible for the content of ads or hyperlinks to resources specified in the description of user ads;
    • The subject of advertisements may be goods or services which are not prohibited or restricted under Russian law and are not contrary to this agreement or other documents of the Russian Federation. Russian Federation, and does not contradict this agreement and other documents, which regulate such relations between the Company and the User;
  1. The Site is a means for the transmission of information by Users. The Site at does not participate in forming the content of the account and downloading the Content User, does not control the actions of the User, does not carry out automatic censorship of information in the public sections of the Site and users and is not responsible for the User's actions or inactions, because the Website's information system and its software lacks technical solutions for the implementation of the above actions by the Site;
  2. Responsibility for the information posted by the User on the Site, is the responsibility of the User who provided this information;
  3. The Company shall not be liable for any transactions entered into and/or to be entered into between Users or between Users. between Users, as well as between the User and third parties on the basis of the information of advertising and nonadvertising nature posted on the Site of non-promotional nature. Relationships between Users, as well as between User and third parties are regulated by separate agreements, concluded between Users, as well as between the User and third parties persons. In case of disputes or conflicts between Users and third parties Users, as well as upon complaint of Users about fraud or violation of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the Company makes maximum efforts to efforts to resolve them;
  4. The Company shall use its best efforts to exclude from the Website offensive, untrue or unlawful information;
  5. The Company is responsible for the safety of funds, deposited by the User on his personal account;
  6. The Company is not responsible for the accuracy of personal data, provided by Users;
  7. The Company does not guarantee that the software, servers or computer networks used by the Site are free of bugs and malware. programs. The Company shall not be liable if the use of Site resulted in loss of data or damage to equipment;
  8. The Company is not responsible for possible failures and interruptions of Site and loss of information caused by them. The Company shall not be liable for any damage to User computer, mobile devices, any other hardware or software caused by or associated with the use of sites accessible via hyperlinks posted on on the Site, whether by Users or third parties. Navigating to third party sites sites of third parties, installation of programs and consumption of third-party services is carried out User at his/her own risk. To the relations between the User and third parties provisions of the Agreement do not apply;
  9. The Company shall not be liable or responsible in any way for any damage caused to the User as a result of interaction with of the advertisements posted on the Site;
  10. The Company is not responsible for password matching by third parties to the User's account. User's account for the actions taken by them using the User's account. User's account;
  11. The Company shall not be liable for any damages that may be User, including loss of data, deletion of an account, Content, or termination of the Site;
  12. The registered user is responsible for unlawful acts done through the use of his or her account account and in connection with the posting of Content using his or her account account on the Site;
  13. Under no circumstances shall the Company be liable to Users or to any third parties for any damages, including lost profits or lost data, harm to life and health, honor, dignity or business reputation, resulting from the use of Website, the contents of the Website or other materials to which Users or other persons have gained access via the Site, even if the Site has warned or The Site has warned of or indicated the possibility of such harm;
  14. For violation of the provisions of the Agreement, the User's access to the Site, Certain sections of the Site may be restricted, suspended or terminated indefinitely. for an indefinite period of time. Access may be restored upon written request of the User at the Company's sole discretion. User's written application at the Company's discretion;
  1. The Administration of the site is not responsible for the placement of information or discussions by Users of the site about trading accounts, characters, which are exclusive rights of the Right holder, his trademarks. The actual sale of characters and accounts is made by the Users of the Site. The administration of the site does not sell or buy trademarks that belong to the Rightholder without a license or other Agreement that gives it such rights. Thus, the administration is not responsible to the Rights Holders for the actions of Users and third parties. In accordance with paragraph 3 of Art. 1484 of the Civil Code establishes: "No one has the right to use, without the permission of the right holder, markings similar to his trademark in relation to the goods, for the individualization of which the trademark is registered, or similar goods, if as a result of such use there is a possibility of confusion.". If the mark is used for other purposes not related to the goods (works, services) of the owner of the mark, there will be no violation of trademark law. The mere mentioning of the trademark in articles, interviews, news or other materials on the site, even if the site sells similar products, provided that there is no risk of confusion with the products of the owner of the mark, will not be considered a violation. This conclusion is set out in the Decision of the Presidium of the Supreme Arbitration Court of 01.12.2009 № 10852/09: "...verbal mention of another's trademark is not a use of that trademark.";
  2. According to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Intellectual rights are protected by means stipulated by this Code taking into account the essence of the violated right and consequences of violation of this right. The methods of protection of intellectual rights stipulated by this Code can be applied at the request of copyright holders, organizations for rights management on a collective basis, as well as other persons in cases stipulated by law. The user, by performing operations on this site, agrees to the adhesion agreement and is fully responsible for the violation of intellectual rights;
  3. According to current legislation of the Russian Federation, if an original or copies of a work are legally introduced into civil circulation in the Russian Federation by selling or otherwise alienating them, further distribution of the original or copies of the work is allowed without the consent of the Rights Holder and without payment of remuneration to him. Thus, Users have the right to post information about the Rights Holder and its products, if they have paid a monetary remuneration for this product. In this case, the account owner is the person who registered and created the character in the online game. If the Trademark Rights Holder does not agree with these provisions, the Trademark Rights Holder has the right to file a claim with the User of the site;
  4. The administration of the site believes that the fact of selling an account is a substitution of the party of the contractual relationship by assignment of the right of claim. This means that the person who created the account has a claim against the person who provides the service. Then by transferring (communicating) the login and password to another person, refusing to continue using the service under this account, assigns this right to the buyer. This kind of agreement between Users on this site is valid and lawful, if the terms of use of the Rightholder's trademarks do not contain any specific prohibitions on the transfer of username and password from one User's account to another User for monetary compensation or free of charge. The opinion of the Site's Administration is based on the general study of the Rightholder's User Agreements with the User of the game. The Site Administration is not responsible for the violation of the User agreement with the Developer, as the Site Administration is a third party disinterested in ensuring the User's compliance with its agreements with the Rights Holder;
  5. By posting information in the form of the name and mentioning the trademark of the Right Holder, the Site Administration acknowledges all rights to the trademark and designations, exclusive rights to the Right Holder. The Site Administration adds a disclaimer to the sections where a complaint is received from the Rights Holder. However, there is no reason to remove the section mentioning the trademark of the Rights Holder;
  6. In accordance with the Federal Law on Information, if the distribution of certain information is restricted or prohibited by federal laws, civil liability for the distribution of such information is not borne by the person providing services of storing information and providing access to it, provided that the person could not have known about the illegality of the distribution of information. The Site Administration acts as a third party and is not obliged to know about the legality or illegality of dissemination of any information from the Right Holder and User;
  1. The User, by posting Content on the Site, grants the Company and other Users of the Site a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to other Users of the Website a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for for the entire term of the exclusive right to use the Content, posted by the User on the Website, throughout the world, including reproduction, distribution, processing, public display and making available (communication) to the public of the Content;
  2. User warrants that it has the necessary rights and permissions permissions to grant the limited license set forth in this section. license set forth herein, and in the event of a breach of this warranty, the User shall indemnify the Company and/or the applicable third party for any damages arising out of such the User hereby indemnifies the Company and/or the applicable third party against any and all damages arising out of such breach;
  3. The Company hereby grants to the User a non-exclusive, non-assignable non-assignable, royalty-free license to use the worldwide use of the software provided by the Site, solely for the purpose of the User's use of the functionality features of the Site;
  4. The said license is granted by the Site to the User for an indefinite period of time until indefinitely until the Website ceases to provide its functioning;
  5. The user agrees not to reproduce, copy or sell, resell or otherwise distribute in any way any part of the Site;
  • The site is provided on an "as is" basis, that is, without warranty as to the quality or suitability of the site for any express or implied purpose. The site is not warranted to be uninterrupted or error free. The company has the right (and this is an essential condition of the service) without giving any deny access to the site to all or any of its users temporarily or permanently, remove any information from them temporarily or permanently, remove any information or any content Posted by a user on the site. The Company reserves the right to suspend services to users at any time without reasons. The Company does not guarantee and is not responsible for the accuracy, accuracy, timeliness, harmlessness or reliability of the information posted on third-party Internet - resources, the link to which is placed by users within the site. By clicking on such links, users acknowledge that they do so at their own risk. The Company does not guarantee the safety of links and content, posted by users on the site, so in case a user is interested in preserving any of the content posted within the site, the user should use other means of preserving the necessary information. The User represents that he or she uses the Site at his or her own risk. The Company does not guarantee, that any information posted by users within the site will meet the criteria of validity, accuracy and currency. The company does not guarantee that the information posted by other users may not cause the user of moral harm, harm to health or damages.
  • To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law the company is not liable for direct or indirect losses, lost profits, moral damages incurred by user in connection with the use of the site or inability to use it, including, but not limited to including, but not limited to, in connection with: (a) the user's posting of advertisements, messages, content or links to third-party Internet resources that violate the requirements of applicable law and/or the rights of third rights of third parties; b) the consumption of inaccurate and/or irrelevant and/or moral damage and/or other information that is contrary to applicable law and/or third party rights. applicable law, posted by other users, c) loss of any information by the user, used within the site; d) loss of control over his account by the user and d. loss of control over the user's account by a third party accessing the user's account user's account; e) the deletion or temporary blocking of the user's account e) deletion or temporary blocking of the user account and imposing other restrictions on the user within the Site restrictions. In the event that the user has violated the provisions of this Agreement or other documents that govern such relationship between the parties, the user shall indemnify the company all damages caused in connection therewith in full. in full.
  1. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation;
  2. All disputes arising in the performance of this agreement and other documents of the documents of the Website shall be resolved through negotiations;
  3. If the dispute cannot be resolved by negotiation, the dispute The dispute shall be referred to the courts of any jurisdiction at the location of Company;
  1. Using the Site, the User undertakes not to violate or attempt to violate violate the information security of the Site, which includes:
    • Access to any information not intended for use by User or logging in under a username that does not belong to that User;
    • Attempts to check the vulnerability of the security system of the Site, violation of registration and authorization procedure without the permission of the Site;
    • Attempts to interfere with other Users' use of the Site, which includes This includes distributing malicious software, deleting, corrupting data, constantly sending repetitive information, forwarding e-mails through the Site server, sending a large number of e-mails and/or requests to the Site at the same time. Number of e-mails and/or requests to the Site in order to intentionally the server of the Site, and similar actions outside of the normal normal intended use of the Site, and may intentionally or negligently cause or negligence to cause malfunctioning of the Site;
    • Sending information to Users for which they have not given their sending "spam" and advertising without the permission of the Site;
    • Imitating and/or tampering with any TCP/IP packet header or any part of header in any email or material posted on the Site;
    • Using or attempting to use any software or procedure to software or procedure for navigating or searching the Site, other than the search engine built into the Site and publicly available browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and other similar browsers);
  2. Violation of system or computer network security entails civil and criminal liability. The Company will investigate all possible security breaches by Users in in cooperation with the competent authorities to stop such malicious activity;
  3. The Company makes every effort to avoid unauthorized use of personal data of Users;
  4. The company is not responsible for the possible use of personal data of Users, which occurred because of:
    • Technical problems arising in the software, servers or computer networks outside of the Company's control;
    • Site interruptions due to intentional or unintentional The use of the Site by third parties for purposes other than those for which it is intended;
    • Passing on passwords or information from the Site by users to others;
  5. The company is not responsible for possible misuse of information from the Site by Users or other persons, which occurred without notification Company with or without violation of information security of the Site;
  1. The Agreement is concluded between the User and the Company regarding the order of use of the Site and its services, is binding and is valid from the moment of acceptance by the users for an indefinite period;
  2. The Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Russian Federation. Matters not The issues not regulated by the Agreement shall be resolved in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  3. The User has the right to terminate their registration on the Site unilaterally unilaterally, without prior notification to the Company and without giving reasons reasons;
  4. A court's declaration that any provision of the Agreement is invalid or unenforceable shall not invalidate or The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not entail the invalidity or other provisions of this Agreement are invalid or unenforceable;
Termination by the Company may occur in the event of a breach of provisions of this Agreement, causing any damage to the Company, including its reputation, or users of the Site, as well as committing other actions that contrary to the Company's policy and prohibited by this Agreement.
  • Each user is personally responsible for the compliance of the posted materials to the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The site administration is not responsible for the accuracy of the information posted by users, compliance with copyright and comments;
  • The placement of the names of the games on the site and operations on them are presented as examples;
  1. Any unauthorized use of the Site Materials is a violation of the rights of the Licensor and/or third parties and shall entail criminal, civil and other liability provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  2. If any third parties, whose rights were violated by the unlawful actions of the User, file claims against the Rights Holder, receive orders, warnings and other acts of authorized government bodies, involve the Rights Holder in court proceedings as a result of the User's unlawful actions, the User shall compensate the Rights Holder for all damages caused thereby;
  1. By registering on the site, the User gives his consent to receive updated information with the latest news, new offers, special offers, including advertising nature; information about news and offers of partners of the Right holder of the site, including promotional messages via SMS, MMS and e-mail; and gives his consent to the processing of personal user data provided during registration on the Site;
  2. The User can select the mailing parameters or unsubscribe from it in the "My Account" section on the Site, as well as unsubscribe from the mailing by clicking on the special link at the bottom of the email received by the User earlier in the mailing list;
  1. For any questions related to the use of materials, you can contact by E-mail:;
  2. When visiting the site, the User agrees that the Right Holder of the site has the right to store and use cookies and other local storage technologies, web beacons and similar tools on the User's device, including the transfer of data obtained using these tools to third parties to analyze the Users' experience with this site, to improve the site, navigation management and obtain statistical information;
  3. These Rules are available for public review at;
  • This provision regulates the relations in the field of personal data protection between GARANTMARKET.NET service, represented by GMZIPPO project administrator, acting on the grounds of the Statute, hereinafter referred to as the "Contractor", on the one hand, and on the one hand, and any person, who has gone through the registration procedure at GARANTMARKET.NET, hereinafter referred to as the "Client", on the other hand, hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Parties". Parties, and separately - the Party. The Parties have agreed that these Regulations are binding for execution and contains the basic provisions, which regulate the procedure for handling, storing, processing and transferring of personal data, hereinafter referred to as the "Parties", storage, processing and transfer of the Parties' personal data in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data personal data". The relationship between the Parties, regulated by this document is not are exhaustive and may be further regulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data Personal Data", as well as other laws and regulations of the Russian Federation. The basic principles of handling, storage, processing and transfer of personal of personal data and confidential information of the Parties include:
  1. The parties agree to keep confidential and treat as confidential the terms of this of these Terms and Conditions, as well as all information received by one Party from the other;
  2. Each Party shall take all necessary measures to protect confidential information with at least the same degree of care as it protects its own Confidential Information;
  3. Confidential Information shall always remain the property of the transmitting Party. Party and shall not be copied or otherwise reproduced without the prior written consent of such transmitting Party. without the prior written consent of such transmitting Party;
  4. The obligation to protect and preserve the Confidential Information of the disclosing Party Party shall not apply to information that:
    • At the time of disclosure was or has been in the public domain, otherwise than as a result of The breach committed by the Receiving Party or;
    • Becomes known to the Receiving Party from a source other than the Disclosing Party Party, without the receiving Party violating the terms of these Regulations, which may be the source of such Confidential Information is a third party; or source of such Confidential Information is a third party; or;
    • Was known to the Receiving Party prior to its disclosure under these Regulations, as confirmed by documents sufficient to establish such possession Confidential Information; or;
    • Has been disclosed with the written permission of the disclosing Party;
  5. The obligation to maintain confidentiality of Confidential Information in accordance with conditions of the present Regulations comes into force from the moment of the Customer passing registration procedure on the site GARANTMARKET.NET and shall remain in force after of the present Regulations;
  6. By indicating his personal data on the site GARANTMARKET.NET, the Customer agrees:
    • With the provision of personal data to an unlimited number of people through the site GARANTMARKET.NET;
    • With other actions of the Contractor with respect to such data;
    • With the processing of personal data by the Contractor;
    • With registration on GARANTMARKET.NET and acceptance of these Regulations;
  7. Personal data with the consent of the Customer is publicly available, but the Contractor in its processing Their processing undertakes to take all measures to protect them from unauthorized access in a way not provided by GARANTMARKET.NET;
  8. By providing your personal data when registering on GARANTMARKET.NET, Customer agrees to their processing, both with or without the use of automated means automated means, in particular, collecting, storing, transferring to third parties and GARANTMARKET.NET in order to fulfill obligations under this agreement of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data", as well as for the purposes of promotion of GARANTMARKET.NET. new services and for other purposes;
  9. The contractor processes only those personal data that have been provided directly by the Customer in the process of using the site GARANTMARKET.NET;
  10. The purpose of processing of personal data of the Customers is to control the activities of GARANTMARKET.NET, control over the posted content, collection of statistical information, GARANTMARKET.NET site functioning, compliance with the rules of Russian legislation on personal data protection and other purposes not prohibited by applicable RF legislation;
  11. If the Customers do not want their personal data to be processed, they must to contact the Contractor with such a request to the E-mail specified in the details to this Provision. In this case, the Executor shall block the account of the requesting Customer site GARANTMARKET.NET, containing personal data, and stops processing them;
  12. Customers' personal data is processed from the moment of their registration on the site GARANTMARKET.NET until the account is deleted;
  13. If the Customer does not agree to the above terms and conditions, the latter shall not register on GARANTMARKET.NET and use GARANTMARKET.NET only to the extent that it is provided to unregistered users;
  14. The relationship between the Parties shall be governed by this Regulation, the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data Personal Data", as well as other laws and regulations of the Russian Federation Federation;
User balance
A virtual account in the user's personal account, which serves to record the volume of services rendered, replenish and spend prepaid funds. The balance is a generalized information about the amount of services that can be used by the user for the services provided by the site.
  1. Balance - the user's personal account on the site, reflecting his financial relationships;
  2. Bonus - additional rewards that users can receive in the form of additional charges for recharging or visiting/using the site;
  3. Commission - the potential rate and/or a fixed amount that the site sets for the use of each specific feature/service on the site;
  4. Withdrawal - an application to transfer funds from the site, to an electronic purse of the user, for a set fee specified on the site;
  5. Balance replenishment - depositing money to the user's balance using payment aggregates;
  6. Acceptance - full agreement and confirmation of the offer;
  1. The subject of the contract concluded by the user by acceding to this offer through the performance of conclusive actions provided by this offer is the provision of the site / service to the user to use the service in order for the user to make payments in favor of the recipients of payment or purchase services site;
  2. In order to properly provide services under the contract concluded on the terms of this offer, the user undertakes before the start of the site / service its obligations under paragraph 1 of this subsection to perform the acceptance of the offer;
  1. Service undertakes to withdraw funds within 180 days, minus a commission, to the provided F wallet in the system fkwallet money from the balance of the site;
User Agreement
I, the subject of personal data, in accordance with the Federal Law of July 27, 2006 № 152 "On Personal Data" give consent to the site GARANTMARKET.NET, located at /, consent to the processing of personal data I indicate in the form of web-chat, forum, personal communications, and/or feedback form on the site on the Internet.
  1. The composition of the personal data I provide is as follows: Name, e-mail address and phone number, purse numbers in money transfer systems, other game details and personal data, which are specified on the site;
  2. The purposes of processing my personal data are: communication, checking details, providing communication on the site and forum, as well as for automatic transactions and other transactions on the site, also adding ads with open data and other public operations on the site, such as creating topics on the forum or exchange of funds between money transfer systems;
  3. Consent is provided for the following actions (operations) with the personal data specified in this consent: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, modification), use, transfer (provision, access), blocking, deletion, destruction, carried out both with the use of automated means (automated processing) and without the use of such means (non-automated processing);
  4. I understand and agree that providing GARANTMARKET.NET with any information about myself that is not contactable and not related to the purposes of this agreement, as well as providing information related to state, bank and/or commercial secret, information about race and/or national identity, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, health condition, intimate life is prohibited;
  5. In case I decide to provide GARANTMARKET.NET with any information (any data) I oblige only to provide true and actual information and am not entitled to mislead the Operator concerning my personality, to give false or unreliable information about myself;
  6. I understand and agree that GARANTMARKET.NET does not check the accuracy of the personal information provided by me and has no means to estimate my competence, and assumes that I provide true personal information and keep such information up-to-date;
  7. Consent is effective when the purposes of the processing have been achieved or when it is no longer necessary to achieve those purposes, unless otherwise provided by federal law;
  8. I may withdraw my consent at any time on the basis of my written application;
  9. The agreement is on a separate page of the site;