Buy or sell a Point blank account with the help of a guarantor.

Point blank is a shooter game. It differs from its brethren in that it is fully multiplayer. A relative of CS. Developed by Zepetto.

It is interesting to play the game, if only because it became a cyber sport discipline in 2010. In it you can buy a lot of bonuses, both for points and for real money, but she, still, for free. There are three types of matches and eight game modes. You can choose from one hundred and forty types of weapons and 30 cards. The main plot of the game takes place in the fictional progressive state of Korog. Oppose it peacekeepers and rebels. Further on the plot appeared revived dinosaurs. There is a system of perks and a lot of different skins, at least somehow stand out from the crowd. Well, of course there are clans, what without them?

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