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Black Fire is an online third-person shooter with action elements. The game is developed by Yingpei Games.

We all remember the wonderful game "Unreal Tournament" and someone still plays it. Blackfire is made on the same engine and it gets better and better every day. "Unreal Engine 3.5" is constantly increasing its performance and now this engine is also available to people who like to play online games.

In all shooters, you can only carry one weapon, but not in Black Fire. Each user of the game can carry two weapons at the same time. The combat is always bloody and ruthless and try to fight back each opponent, because you may have two full-fledged weapons of any class: machine gun, machine gun, rifle, shotgun. Many users of the game Black Fire, sell, buy and exchange weapons and equipment with other users, because the game Black Fire is very popular in the gaming market. To find a buyer or seller for the game Black Fire, you need to submit an ad on our free bulletin board. Our board will help you in a short time to find any deal, but do not forget that the exchange needs to be done only through a guarantor.

Also, in the game Black Fire has PvP and PvE. PvE missions are very interesting and you can call your friends and make a brave team and take part in different quests. If your friends have a high level in the game and a lot of weapons, but you are a newcomer? Then you can buy a Black Fire game account through a guarantor and it's the right decision, because there are a lot of scammers on the internet, who want to get your money by deception. They give you the false details of the accounts or bind to the mail third party data, and then a few hours later return the account back to themselves, and you are left with nothing, but if the transaction will take place through the service garantmarket, this does not happen. We closely monitor every transaction and help with any issues that arise during the exchange.

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