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City Life is a next-generation builder simulator. Here you can build your dream city. You need to look after your residents, provide them with jobs, quality hospitals, provide them with entertainment and much more.

The most important task in the game is to keep an eye on your finances. In City Life, you are the mayor of the city and you have to keep an eye on your city. You will have to keep an eye on your city every day so that it will be in perfect order. If you don't keep an eye on it, people will walk away from it. Many users are not particularly burning desire to monitor your city, but to play in the City Life desire they have. Also, there are gamers who do not have time to monitor your city and pump it. Especially for them, we came up with the service City Life account pumping. City Life account pumping is a great way to get a pumped city without wasting time. You can go out with your friends, study or work while we are pumping your city. Thus, you will get your pimped-out city in a very short time and it is all safe.

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