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Dark Swords is an online role-playing game where each player enters a fantasy world where there is a battle between light and darkness.

In Dark Swords you need to choose the side of darkness or the side of light. In the world of Dark Swords, there are different adventures, a lot of quests, monsters and treasures waiting for you. To level up in Dark Swords, you'll need to complete quests, slay monsters and more.

The game is filled with different terrains: plains, deserts, scorched lands and so on. In addition, you can participate in dungeons with your friends and try to get treasure. Many users swap Dark Swords items. How do they do it? First, they submit a post on our free bulletin board and after a while a person is found who also wants to swap items in Dark Swords. The bulletin board is a great way to exchange, sell or buy Dark Swords items.

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