Buy or sell a DayZ Standalone account with guarantor services.

DayZ Standalone is an online survival game where you have to escape from bloodthirsty zombies.

The plot of DayZ Standalone game is that in the fictional state called Chernorussia there was a cataclysm, after which all people have become bloodthirsty zombies. Once you enter the game, you appear in random place, and you need to survive in this apocalypse. You need to avoid enemies, collect food, weapons and gear in abandoned houses.

There are other players in DayZ Standalone game, you can become friends with them and start surviving together or avoid them. Each player has the right to kill the other player. Many people do not know, but in the game DayZ Standalone, you can earn good money, you ask, how? It's pretty simple. You can team up with your friends or you can collect resources in the game by yourself and then sell them to other players. How can I sell resources safely? First, you have to post on our site's free bulletin board or search for ads from other users. Second, when you find someone who wants to buy resources, you should agree a deal with him right away. Third, be sure to agree on a guarantor, if the person does not want to use the guarantor, then most likely he is a crook. The guarantor helps you to complete the transaction without any risk. There are a huge number of scammers on the Internet and each of them is eager to deceive their victim and get their profit from the trade, but the guarantor will immediately expose any intruder, so you have nothing to worry about.

If you have heard about this game just now and wanted to play or you have called your friends to play DayZ Standalone, but the game is very expensive in Steam and you do not want to spend that much money for fun, but what to do if you want to play? There is a way out, you can buy a game account for DayZ Standalone through the guarantor. It is much cheaper to buy an account, than in digital stores, but you have to buy through a guarantor, so you can not be cheated, because a scammer can send you a blocked or stolen account. Guarantor carefully checks all the accounts for small details and monitors the process during the transaction. In addition, you can ask the guarantor for advice and he will tell you what to do in this or that situation.

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