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Immerse yourself in the real-time world of Starfall online strategy. The game combines intense tactical play as well as customization of the spaceships in your fleet. Your task is to explore Star systems, mine resources, and engage in battles with both real players and computer characters. You have a fascinating adventure ahead of you, engaging in centuries-long warfare between three major factions: the Outcasts, the Vanguard, and the Eclipse. Build your own personal fleet, the blueprint cards will help you do so. And go on a journey across the galaxy. The game is exciting with its possibilities, you can collide with other ships, ramming each other. Beware of the line of fire dodge flying projectiles and tactically correctly approach the positions of your units in the fleet. In the game Starfall online it is possible to run a function of self-destruction, while being right in the crowd of enemies, take advantage of this function. Each player and his created fleet and even those ships that are subordinate to the player develop separately. This gives huge opportunities to create your own style, which will be unique. You can join a clan and fight for territory and valuable resources together with your allies in open space. The quality of the graphics in the game Starfall online is amazing, you will plunge into the world of space battles. Travel between solar systems, collect minerals directly from asteroids and smash your enemies in real time. Only in the game Starfall online you instead of one fighter, available to the whole fleet.

Vanguard faction has huge ships, but they have a drawback, they're too slow. The Outcasts are the ones who managed to survive on Earth, as it hasn't existed for a long time due to an ecological disaster. The Outcasts have health regeneration modules. The Eclipse faction develops capitalism, they have a lot of shields, but too little power reserve.

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