Automatic deal

"Automatic Transaction" is a fully automated secure transaction service that will help users make transactions, without a guarantor for a minimal commission. GARANTMARKET has been showing the quality of secure transactions on the internet at the highest level for many years, finally we have launched for you an automated functionality that will help internet users to make over 200 different kinds of transactions, as well as provide security for both parties.
How to get started?
  • Register on the site or log in to an already registered account;
  • Sign up
  • The participants discuss the terms of the deal, as well as choose a payment system and decide on the amount of the deposit or its absence;
  • One of the participants opens a deal, the other accepts it;
  • Open a deal
  • The buyer contributes money to the balance of the transaction for value (if it was decided to work on collateral, either party can simply top up the balance as collateral);
  • The seller sees that the buyer has deposited funds and hands over the goods, after which the buyer withdraws the money from the balance to the seller's wallet. The seller can cancel the transaction and return the money to the buyer;
  • If there is no money on the balance of the transaction, one of the participants closes it. The auto trade is completed;
  • How it looks is evident in the thread on the forum;
  • Automatic transaction in general terms with pictures
  • Participants can only withdraw money from the balance to each other's wallets, but not to their own;
  • In the event of a problematic situation in the transaction, the participants can open a dispute and call the guarantor into the transaction to resolve it;
  • All conversations between opponents must take place only in the transaction chat on the site. All off-site conversations will not be considered in disputes, we can check the validity of the conversation directly in the chat of the specific transaction on the site;
A brief video overview of the transaction:
Advantages of the automatic transaction:
  • Advanced fraud protection - All blacklisted users are tracked and blocked, all fraudsters' accounts and IP addresses are calculated, you can't start a transaction with a fraudster if his wallet is already on our blacklist;
  • Carry out a check on the alleged cheater
  • Minimum commissions - transaction fee is only 10% of your transaction amount, this amount already includes transfers between systems and guarantor support inclusive. Paying the minimum commission for the transaction, you can be sure that you will not be cheated;
  • No material risks - If a dispute arises between the parties during the transaction, one of the parties opens a dispute in the transaction itself, the guarantor will resolve your transaction in favor of one of the parties on the basis of the submitted evidence, thereby we are financially responsible for the duration of the transaction and resolve disputes;
  • 24/7 - the automatic deal service works around the clock, you can start a deal at any time convenient for you;
  • Multifunctionality - parties can make partial transfers to each other in a transaction, if their transaction consists of several stages, as well as the transaction can be replenished any number of times;
  • No transaction threshold - You can make transactions for any amount, even 10 rubles;
  • Instant operations - deposits and withdrawals are made instantly, you receive funds without waiting;
  • Affiliate Program - we offer a 3% reward on deals to our partners;

Guarantee service secure transactions GARANTMARKET represents for you only a quality deal that is time-tested. Automatic deal With us it is a safe deal that meets all safety standards and has no risks.