Buy or sell Hellgard account with the help of a guarantor.

If you love the vampire theme, love watching vampire movies, then the game Hellgard is for you. Hellgard is a browser game about vampires, where you can turn into a bat, a dragon and many other things.

It is impossible to list all the features of Hellgard because there is a huge number of different weapons, skills, equipment and so on. So we suggest you play Hellgard and feel all the charms of the vampire world.

It happens that some people just don't have enough time to pump their character, and they really want to play Hellgard. That's why we offer you to buy a character boost in Hellgard. This is a service by which you get a pumped hero without any effort. You do not need to sit around for twenty-four hours and pump him, you just give us your character, and we pump him and when he is ready, you can pick him up. Pumping your character in Hellgard is a very cheap service, so hurry up and play your favorite browser game at the highest level.

If you yourself want to pump up your hero, you will surely be interested in the theme with clans. If you join a clan or create your own, you will get an additional bonus that will help you during the boosting of your character. Find a clan you can in the game itself or in our forum. In our forum you can find a clan, talk with other players about the game Hellgard and just have fun.

Most Hellgard players make transactions. They buy, trade or sell a Hellgard account. You'd think there's nothing wrong with that, it's a common thing, but in fact - it's not just a deal. Nowadays, more and more often there are people who are willing to cheat any user and you too can become a victim of scammer. So what do you need to do not to fall into the ruse of a scammer during the transaction in Hellgard? It is very simple. You need to use the services of a guarantor in Hellgard. Guarantor helps to complete the transaction without any pitfalls. That is, all accounts, all funds and all users will be subjected to a thorough check. With us, your Hellgard transactions will always be completely safe and you will always receive quality merchandise.

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