Buy or sell Carnage account with the help of a guarantor.

If you love medieval years and would like to become a real knight? Then join the free online multiplayer game Carnage.

The game Carnage is different from other browser games. There is an incredible story, and it absorbs each player completely into the game.

Also, there are clan wars in the game. You can join a clan or create your own and start a war with other players. Also, you can find a clan on our forum or find fighters in your clan.

If you are bored with performing quests and fighting, you can relax and chat with other users.

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Swapping Carnage items is a very common service, but most often it is used when there are extra duplicates and you need to get rid of them and buy something useful. To make such a deal, you need to have a character with a high level, because no one will swap with a hero who has items of low level.

Newbies don't want to pump their character again, and they want to have a high-level hero with cool items at once and at the moment, this is possible. You can order the option of pumping Carnage character and in a few days, you can enjoy the game and play as his hero with a high level and cool stuff.

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