Buy or sell a Pirate's Code account with the help of a guarantor.

Pirate's Codex is a browser-based strategy game for real pirates. Even if you are green in the genre, you will quickly learn how to pirate.

Your main task in the game Codex Pirate is to build your maritime empire and fight against other players.

To build your maritime empire, you need to have in-game resources and if you lack any particular resources, you can trade Codex Pirate in-game resources with other users.

You can trade Codex Pirate resources with other players. What resources you can trade:

- Gold
- Wood
- Rum

These resources help you to build up your empire. What's the best way to do this? You have to find allies (you can do this on our forum by posting a thread saying that you're looking for mates in the game Pirate's Code) and make exchanges with them. Let's say you need gold and you have a lot of wood, and your comrade on the contrary and you can make with him a profitable exchange.

Now let's talk about newcomers. We all know that new users do not like to pump their account and they want to have a pumped marine empire at once and this is possible. With us, you can order the option to pump the account Pirate's Code. In a few days, we will pump your base, and you can play and enjoy the game.

Let us now touch on a more serious subject. Guarantor services in Pirate's Codex are very often used by those players who are going to buy a Codex Pirate account with a pumped base. Why buy a Pirate's Codex account with a guarantor? If you buy your account without a guarantor, you may encounter many pitfalls. For example, the account may be stolen, it may have extraneous data or complaints from the game's administration. A simple user can not check it, and the guarantor can. This check will give you a good account.

Also, we look closely at the seller. If a person was involved in fraud, we remove him from the transaction. So you can not worry, your transaction will pass with an honest user.

With us, you can not only buy a Pirate's Codex account, but also sell a Pirate's Codex account. You can do it on an ongoing basis or you can do it on a one-time basis.

If you have any questions about guarantor services in Pirate's Codex, then write to us in our online consultation and we'll be sure to answer and advise you on everything.