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Areawars is a free browser-based game. Everything here is close to the model of real life. The time of the players is fully modeled, and it lasts as in real life.

Registered gamers in the game Areawars have to create their hero and he has to be pumped and learn him different skills. Many users do not always want to rock their character from the very beginning, because they want everything at once, and in their situation, because people tend to get everything at once, and especially for such users, we have invented a service called character boosting in Areawars. You can give us your character and go about your business, and we will pump it and when it will be ready, we will let you know and you can take it away.

In addition, there are clans in Areawars. Clan gives an extra bonus to your character but they can be both friendly and hostile and if you want to join a clan and find friends, we suggest you to go to our forum and write a post about looking for clan members in Areawars.

In Areawars is very important economy and game currency. Game currency is not always enough for players and because of this, they have the whole gameplay collapses. If you will need game currency in Areawars, you can go to our store and buy yourself as much game currency as you need.

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