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Celtic Tribes is a free strategy game in the present tense.

Once you enter the game, you will start your way from the beginning and develop your settlement. That is, this game is made for real chiefs.

Let's break down what you have to do in the game:

- You have to develop your little clearing into a huge city.
- You must recruit a large army and fight against other chiefs
- You must collect powerful artifacts and combine them to use their power later
- You must use the magic of different druids and thus make your enemies flee in fear.
- You must gather resources and use them to build up your city.
- You must unite with other chiefs and thus create your own mighty tribe
- You must perform various tasks and be rewarded for them
- You have to prove to everyone that you have strategic skills and you are the most powerful and tactical leader.

You have a huge number of tasks, and we are sure that the game will immerse you completely, and you will be stuck in it for a long time.

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