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Dragon Awaken is an exciting game set in a fairytale world. Any of the players can organize a squad of dragon hunters. There is no class binding in the game, and whatever hero you like, you can pump his skills at your own discretion and get those talents that you think will lead you to success.

The main characters in Dragon Awaken are naturally Dragons. Their main dragon is a villain who has big ambitions to conquer the whole world, he has gathered an army of evil creatures and is going to his goal. Well, as true heroes, we must not let him turn his plans into reality. The rest of the dragons obey the main one, but they can be lured to your side as pets, but or kill them and get valuable loot.

Dragons and humans used to live in peace, but when a dark dragon got out, war broke out.

The choice of character only ends with the choice of gender, and then go ahead to the adventure and the pumping of your character. Initially given a couple of training tasks, and then in the course of the game there are new gimmicks and surprises. There is a feature "Autoboy", the main pump your character and you can send in an independent voyage. Another gimmick is to summon a partner to help carry out missions.

Graphics game is packed, fabulous world with characters depicted colorfully and richly. You can't take your eyes off of it. Different heroes stunned drawings here you and stern men and kung fu panda and fairy beauties, and of course the dragons.

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