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Farmerama in the game you expect an interesting adventure in the world of farming. Experience positive emotions from unforgettable funny events.

Dive into the carefree life of a farmer and create a profitable business from your small farm. The smell of cut grass, roosters in the morning, walking distance to fruits and vegetables, all these attributes of the real country life

Feel for yourself all the pleasures of country life in the game Farmerama. Here you have a small house, a small plot of land, a mill and a tank where water is stored. Create a profitable business from a minimum amount of resources, develop your farm. Cultivate a variety of delicacies and goodies in your land, and a well-deserved rest on the grass under the starry sky in the evening. With Farmerama it's easy to experience all the pleasures of life in the countryside.

Learn the economic aspects on a farm. In addition to growing and harvesting crops, increase your land and develop new buildings. New buildings will give the opportunity to grow livestock. Pets are very useful and will help you in your work on the farm.

It's up to you to create a unique design of their land and differentiate themselves from their neighbors.

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