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Go on adventures with the game Greedy cave. You expect a mass of creatures of unknown origin, a sea of dangers and dangerous traps. Dare and fight for life with all your might. Upgrade, put on the best equipment, which will give more chances to advance successfully in the game. Secret treasures await you. Develop yourself and become an experienced and well-rounded adventurer.

Adventurer, caves full of treasures are waiting for you. In a godforsaken place, where nothing interesting happens, people are in a vegetation, extracting minerals for the rich. But one day their world was shaken by news of a fortunate hero who fell into a pit, and that might have been the end of the story if he had died a starving death. But the young seeker got out, and not with empty hands, his hands were busy with a sack full of treasure.

Kings from all sides of the world began to send their faithful men to clear the caves of their inhabitants and find the jewels hidden there. The caves flooded with adventurers and greedy men for riches and glory. The merchants didn't miss their chance either, and set up a whole market near the caves, supplying the seekers with everything they needed.

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