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Rageline Into the Fray is a fantasy game. The game has a non-standard approach. Here your tactical skills and the development of your character will play into your hands.

The world of Rageline In Combat is populated by the following characters: elves, orcs, humans, dwarves and undead. Whether you win or lose depends on teamwork, your intelligence and precise calculations, there is no place for chance. Participate in the age-old war of the fairy tale races. Succeed in the game Rageline in Combat, become its hero. Test your luck, be wiser than your opponents in an exciting and difficult battle.

The game has a rich palette of character development, everything depends on you, you yourself create unique combinations of your hero's skills. Improve the characteristics that you think will advance you, choose your equipment and weapons. Your combinations will lead you to a unique style of combat introduction.

Gain invaluable experience and money in battles. If you successfully aim and hit your opponent in the stomach or leg area, the armor will crumble, and this is a direct path to performance degradation. Savings allow you to buy full equipment, weapons, accessories that pump your luck and vengeance. Scrupulously pick up kits and get success in the fight.

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