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Like strategy and simulation, the game Rats Online is just an epic mix of these two genres. Take on the role of a mouse king with a personal kingdom of sewers and rat subordinates. Your task is to develop your habitat, don't forget about your pets and subordinates. Explore new rooms, find different cool bonuses in them. Rats are quite trainable and can learn new skills. Upgrade the ability to loot your neighbors and also defend against enemy rats. You can dress up your characters to get extra bonuses.

The breeding system is another nice bonus that will allow you to pump up your skills and move on to the next levels. Keep in mind, love is important for rats, so the option is available if you have more than 5 rats and hearts burn over them. The game's graphics are done cartoonishly with humor and a bit of craziness. Raiding your neighbors' property is a major part of rat life. Steal as much cheese as possible from your neighbors, and make them feast on their rats. Don't forget that chance percentage is an important indicator, don't ignore it. It's better to walk away with a little cheese than to get screwed and walk away empty-handed.

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