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Rival Regions is a simulation where you can control factories, political parties, and even entire regions. Upgrade your skills as a politician, organize your political party, promote laws and win a seat in parliament. The regions will thank you in return if you take over the development and profit from the useful resources. You are in charge of organizing the extraction of minerals, especially oil, diamonds and uranium. Under your leadership turn factories into weapons, or build schools out of them.

You are waiting for a myriad of wars at different levels: air, sea and even space. Form your own state by uniting the regions. The choice of which form of government suits you best is yours alone: whether you are a dictator or a president. Print newspapers, dictate what to write and when.

At first, you can join an existing party to gain experience. And then find like-minded people and create your own. Although if you want to start out on your own, go ahead, everything in your hands.

The higher the level in the game, the more damage you inflict on your enemies when fighting for regions, and of course more dividends will get.

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