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Immerse yourself in a futuristic world with Skyfire. A world where science and magic mix. Technology and magic go hand in hand in the amazing world of Skyfire. But this magical world needs a hero. You can be that savior. An exciting adventure, meetings with strong and dangerous opponents, faction wars, and how without the exploration of dungeons together with your friends awaits you. Create your own unique character. Choose a hero from the class that is closest to your heart. Your adventures in the game Skyfire begin after you join one of the factions and choose your character. You can become a Swordsman equipped with technical heavy-duty armor or a Technician armed with a laser rifle that hits far and wide, or a Priest with a variety of spells and even healing methods. Once you make a choice, you determine your future fate in the world of Skyfire.

The hero must also be pumped and increase the position of skills. You can earn experience by completing quests, and defeating various opponents. Also in the pumping of your hero can help you equipment, suits, weapons, the choice is very large, even there is a beautiful wings. The world of Skyfire game has high graphics, clear interface, so newcomers will feel comfortable at once. In the game you can make a friend pet, become a member of the Guild, to pass the raids in the dungeons, which are inhabited by strong bosses, over which you are sure to win. The game has the ability to use automation, it will allow you to save time. The game Skyfire is sure to become an object of your attention, because you will not get bored with it. The game is also accompanied by a pleasant Russian voiceover. Go free-floating in the game skyfire, explore an unusual world, run errands, participate in exciting battles. Your character in the process will build experience, and reach a high level. Each new level gives more power and increase characteristics, you can learn new skills, runes, auras and possess different artifacts. Take the first lines in the rankings, become a powerful warrior game skyfire. The game will not let boredom and rut appear.

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