Buy or sell Taonga Tropical Farm account with the help of a guarantor.

Taonga Tropical Farm is where you have to help the natives create a real residential island on which the natives can live.

The most important task in the game is to develop your tropical island. Of course it will be hard at the beginning, because you have almost nothing except a few lands and a couple of bushes. But with colorful graphics, nice atmosphere and pleasant music Taonga Tropical Farm will help you to level up without any difficulties.

One of the most important things in Taonga Tropical Farm is making friends. Without friends, or another name for neighbors on the island, you can't do anything. Neighbors are needed to swap resources, help each other when you're not in the game, and so on. Therefore, you need to find your neighbors right away, but it is not easy to do, as few people will be friends with newcomers. Then the question remains, "So how do you find newbie friends in Taonga Tropical Farm?" The answer is simple. You need to go to our forum and post a thread saying that you are looking for friends to play Taonga Tropical Farm. In addition, in our forum you can find a lot of useful chips for beginners, you can chat with players about different topics, not only about the game and so on. So, run to join our community and start playing Taonga Tropical Farm with us.

Of course, you can exchange resources and just with players, that is not to become friends with them and so on, but here already arises its own difficulties. In the exchange of resources in Taonga Tropical Farm, it happens that one side requests too much, or conversely, one side gives too little. Because of such changes, there are conflicts, and the deal falls apart. To avoid this happening, you need to use the services of a guarantor in Taonga Tropical Farm. The guarantor will help you make the exchange without any conflict. The guarantor will carefully allocate resources, resolve any dispute, and answer any question you have.

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