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If you love sea battles and have always wanted to take part in them, then we offer you to play the browser strategy Tidal Trek, which is dedicated to sea battles.

Once you enter the game Tidal Trek, you will immediately receive several tasks that will help you to get acquainted with the virtual world of sea battles. You will learn how to control your ship, earn gold, experience and spirit.

It's very important to have gold in the game, because with it, you can improve your ship. Some players do not have enough gold, and if you have the same situation, do not worry. With us, you can buy gold in Tidal Trek at the lowest price.

If you have gold, then you can safely pump your ship, and the experience will go to you much faster, because you will always defeat your opponents. Many users, or rather newcomers to the game Tidal Trek, do not want to pump their ship, even with gold, because they are too lazy. Some players want to pump their ship, but they simply do not have time for this, and especially for the lazy and busy people, we have invented a service called ship progression in Tidal Trek. You give us your account data and you can go and do your business. We will pump your ship and when it is ready, you can take it away.

Also, the game has great graphics, so the battles are even more colorful and immerse you completely in the game. To fight with other players, you need to have an upgraded ship. We have already talked about upgrading your ship, but there is another way to get your ship upgraded. You can buy an upgraded ship in Tidal Trek from another player, but do not forget that this player can be a cheater, and so be sure to use the guarantor service in Tidal Trek. The services of a guarantor will help you complete the transaction without any pitfalls. Guarantor checks all the accounts and all the money provided through the accumulated base. Also, the guarantor checks all the sellers and buyers. So feel free to use the guarantor service of our site, because the guarantor, any transaction will be completely safe.

In addition, our site has a forum. There you can talk to other gamers, learn many new tricks of Tidal Trek from more experienced players and so on.