"Consultation" is a clear explanation of various kinds of questions/activities. We will help you with various questions, explain and clarify information regarding your questions. We conduct a thorough analysis of controversial situations and explain all points, including links to resources.
The types of counseling we provide:
  • History and peculiarities of the gaming market - this consultation includes a conversation about the game market, if you want to talk about games, account trading or any other related online game topic, we as a marketplace and game developers are ready to talk to you about it;
  • How to become a guarantor, regulations - For many years we have been helping users and carefully monitoring the security of transactions as a guarantor. We have a routine developed through years of experience, and we are ready to discuss and advise you on all the nuances of our profession;
  • Detailed information on the consultation.
  • Risk assessment - If you are faced with a situation on the purchase or sale of goods or exchange, or transaction of any complexity, such as you want to buy a business or want to sell it, or you decide to buy a product, with such an attractive offer that simply can not be true, we are ready to talk to you and identify all the risks in a particular situation. For many years we have been protecting users and analyzing sites, our experience and advice in this matter can be very useful to you;
  • Advertising, social networks, websites - Having extensive experience in advertising and generally working with the social network VKontakte, in the past with a group with a total audience of 500 thousand people, we are ready to advise you on the nuances of advertising in social networks. In addition, we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of Internet and website building, it's an invaluable experience which we are ready to share and answer your questions;
  • The psychology of player perception - We have been working with players on online games for a long time, and we have already studied their behavior very well. If you need help in analyzing the actions of the players we are ready to help you, for example if you are a game developer and want to, say, simplify your functionality, or maybe you are just a player and want to know the likely actions of the other side. In this matter, our experience is invaluable and we will help you with detailed advice in this matter;
  • Consultation on account return - for many years we help players in conversations with technical support for online games in the Russian segment, USA, China, Korea. We will try to help you with making quality appeals and are ready to discuss your specific situation piece by piece. If you are facing the situation where you need to discuss the situation with the recovery, our experience in this area will help you and probably with us you will find a quality solution that will provide a positive result in your situation;
  • Advice on money transfers - We have been working with money transfers in more than 50 systems and many banks of different countries for a long time, all this has developed a huge experience with the intricacies and transfers in different systems. Probably it is our consultation that will help you to make decisions on the use of one or another system, we are ready to share our experience in remittance consultation;
  • Evaluation of "Garant Services" to identify the shortcomings, pluses - Since for many years we are one of the best services on the Internet for providing security and maintaining it even after the transaction, we can help you analyze other sites that provide guarantor services and point you to their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Qualitative contact with the technical support of the game - we can give you advice on the subject of appeals to the technical support of the game in relation to different countries, if you want to help people and deal with their appeals, it is our vast experience will help you learn the intricacies and nuances of this difficult work;
  • Advice on the development of the game site and recruiting visitors - It is not the first year we cooperate with gaming sites, a lot of sites we help to conduct, so consulting on the development of gaming sites is our specialty, our advice in dealing with such issues will be useful;
  • Internet - Internet consulting is just our element, because we are a guarantor service and all areas seek our services, we have gained vast experience in the field of the Internet, so it is likely to discuss with us your question related to the Internet will give you the most productive answers;
  • Prices for consultations can be found in the general price list.
We are grateful to everyone who cares about us. Sincerely the administration GARANTMARKET.