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Bot for any server R2 online with a bypass server protection.

Bot for any server R2 online with a bypass server protection.

Bot to automate the farming of mobs in R2 online

Bot capabilities:

1. Attack all monsters in the line of sight.
2. Collecting all loot.
3. Using spells.
4. Using the medicine cabinet
5. Teleportation:
Teleportation to the city:
1. In case of an attack (low HP left)
2. In case of overload

Teleportation by terrain:
1. In case of not detected mobs
2. In case of attack (xp is enough)

6. Sale of loot if overgoose (teleportation to a predetermined point at the merchant)
7. Auto-return to the place of farming (in development)
8. Notifications to Telegram if the bot stopped working (attack, overload)

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