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Florensia Online is an online multiplayer game that belongs to the RPG genre.

It's a fascinating virtual world with its own features. Here you can become a real hero and conquer everyone with your skills. The game has a variety of events that bring your gifts to the players, if they participate in them.

First, you need to decide on a class and understand who you want to become. After you decide on a class, your adventure begins, but for many it ends in the first second. Many people do not want to pump their character from the beginning, because it is a very long and painstaking task. Such thoughts have newcomers to the game, because they want to have a character at once with a high level and steep achievements, and it is possible. We, you can get pumping character in Florensia Online in a matter of moments. We pump your character and in a couple of days, you can play as a hero with a high level.

Also, you can gather your group of friends and pump your characters together. If your friends don't play Florensia Online, you can go to our forum and search for users there as many people are looking for allies in Florensia Online.

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