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Legend of Martial Arts LOMA is a colorful MMORPG that will have you completely immersed in it.

Upon entering the game, you will immediately see a beautiful virtual world. The graphics in Legend of Martial Arts LOMA is one of the main attractions of the game.

Here you can show your wits and become the most powerful hero in the game. Playing Legend of Martial Arts LOMA is fun, and you can invite your friends and play together with them or go to our forum to find allies.

There are 2 races to play in Legend of Martial Arts LOMA:

- Humans
- Reavers

Each race has its own classes. If you play as a Human, you can become a Samurai, Champion and so on. If you play as Reavers, you can become an Avenger, Overlord and so on. There is a great choice in the game and you won't be bored.

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