Buy or sell a Clash of Queens account with the help of a guarantor.

Clash of Queens is a game that was created by the creators of the wonderful mobile strategy game Clash of Kings.

Clash of Queens game features:

- You will have your own dragon and you must raise it and train it to fight enemies.

- Also, you can participate in the Dragon Hunt mode and try your hand with the best dragons.

- The game has international servers and this makes the game even more comfortable.

- Original development system that differs from other online strategy games on cell phone.

- There are guilds in the game. You can create your own clan or join an existing one. If you do not know where to find allies, go to our forum and write a topic about looking for people for a clan in Clash of Queens.

- Also, in the game there are clan wars. You can fight with your guild against another guild and if you win, get a nice bonus.

As we have already mentioned, the allies are the most important feature of the game. With them, you can build up your kingdom much faster, since they can send you resources. If you like to play alone, but you don't have enough resources to construct a building, you can use the resource exchange of Clash of Queens with another player. If you are hesitant about the exchange and want to secure it, you can use our guarantor services in Clash of Queens and we will make your exchange safe and conduct it according to all the rules of trade.

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