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Dive into the world of Diosa Force 2 II. There are four elements in the world: wind, earth, water and fire. The continents of Diosa Force 2 II have witnessed strange events. Darkness has tainted all the elements and a wave of anger and rage is invading the Realm of the Elements. Three adventurous young men from the city of Alta Milano have been transported to the Isle of Skye. The Isle of Skye is a haven for elves and dragons. Become their friend and plunge into wild adventures, meet new heroes and help save the kingdom from destruction. Master the skills of Diosa Force 2 II and get an imperative experience. More than 100 original heroes are available in the game. Enjoy dynamic combos. Combine the different skills and abilities of heroes to score victories and deal massive damage to your foes. Together with your friends, challenge the most brutal and powerful boss, the boss of all demons. Together hit the boss and inflict huge damage, for this you will receive long-awaited rewards. Become the leader of your own team. You can recruit a team of different heroes from different worlds, it can be dwarves, mermaids, elves, hellhounds, robots and many other unique heroes. It is in your hands to create the team of your dreams. All heroes are fully upgraded, and each of them has its own unique ability that can turn the course of the battle exactly in the direction that is positive for you.

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