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We bring to your attention a free game for cell phones. Docent game for the real guys and gals who are ready to rob stalls, squeeze the money and set various engines.

Going into the game, you'll first be a regular kid who robs mobiles from citizens, and after, you'll be a cool dude who will participate in various fights and go to the showdown with the local gang.

Now it's your time. Take power into your own hands and bring order to your city. Crush all the competition and make a lot of money. The way to this success is not easy, so you need to make friends who will help in disputes and bring money in difficult situations.

It's very difficult to pump up your account in the game Docents. You need to pay maximum free attention in the game to become a real authority. As we know, many people don't want to pump their account. They want to get a pumped hero with cool achievements and a huge number of buddies at once. At the moment - it's possible. Especially for these players, we created a service pimping account docents. Our professionals will pump your account in a few days and after a couple of days, you will be able to crush their opponents and show everyone that you are the king of his city.

As we said before, in the game Docent you need to find allies, because there is no point in feuding with everyone. If you find your friends, you will be able to make deals with them and you will be able to form your own clan. You can invite your friends to the game or find friends on our forum.

Having friends in the game Docent is very useful because you can help each other and exchange items Docent, but as we know, even among allies, there can be quarrels. Players, can not adequately evaluate the exchange of items and that is why they need a guarantor. Guarantor helps to exchange your items without any conflicts.

Also, you can use our guarantor services in Docent, when you are going to buy or sell Docent account. Why should you make such deals with us? We carefully check all accounts provided, all monies provided, and in addition, we thoroughly vet all sellers and buyers. We look at a lot of nuances and we have a certain amount of background information and channels. This information helps us identify the scammer, check the account for negative details and check the funds for counterfeiting. With us, all your transactions on Docents game will be completely safe and made according to all trading rules.