Trading Harry Potter Wizards Unite accounts and virtual valuables.

Fans of Harry Potter and magic can fully appreciate the quality of the game immersed in the world of magic. According to the development of the plot the magical world was in danger. Now, with each game day opens new mythical artifacts, and sometimes even new personalities and forgotten memories. The protagonist will be in contact with witches and wizards to protect the planet from imminent disaster.

The protagonist needs to carefully explore the map and find traces of magic that will lead to new and mysterious items. The game is primarily notable for the fact that the graphics have been thought out to the smallest detail, which will allow you to meet allies and enemies in 3D mode. The player must learn a thousand spells in order to defeat the black magical force. It is especially important to be inquisitive in the game - after all, new potions and spells can be hidden in the inns, which will help to move to another level. But at every step there will be a new challenge, so reaction is also important for the game.

This magical world allows you to play not only in single-player, but also in multiplayer mode. Also, finding your allies will help you to defeat enemies that are waiting for you at every corner.

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