Buy or sell a HEIR OF LIGHT account with the help of a guarantor.

If you have long been looking for an excellent RPG for cell phone, where you will have a chance to pump your team of characters and become the strongest team in the game, then congratulations, you have found such a game. HEIR OF LIGHT is a free RPG for cell phone, where you have to show all your strategic skills, because all your adventure in the game depends on them.

HEIR OF LIGHT is a game where you will never get bored, because there is a huge number of different characters. You will have your own main character, as well as a team that will consist of several characters. It is necessary to choose your team correctly to defeat all your opponents. For example, the tank and medic are a great combination in a team, because the tank can deal and absorb damage, and the medic will heal him. Combinations in the game a huge number. It all depends on your tactical skills.

But not only in the game everything depends on your skills. Also, it is very important to have a pumped team, and not everyone achieves this goal, because many people simply do not want to pump their team from the ground. These users we understand and especially for them, we have created a service called pumping account HEIR OF LIGHT. If you want to get as quickly as possible pierced the team - then this service is for you. While you're at work, on school or out for a walk, we will pump your team hard and when it's ready, you can pick it up right away.

Many users have another way to get a cool team. They buy a HEIR OF LIGHT account from another player, but they forget that the internet is full of scammers and because of this, get in big trouble. To avoid falling for the ruse of a scammer, you need to use the Guarantor in HEIR OF LIGHT. Guarantor - a safe way to make a trade without any pitfalls. The Guarantor carefully checks all users during the transaction, all accounts during the transaction, all funds during the transaction and so on. With a guarantor, you don't have to worry as he will secure you and your transaction one hundred percent and in addition, you can ask any advice from the guarantor during the trade. So, trade only with the services of a guarantor in HEIR OF LIGHT, because we are always for honesty, for safety and for the quality of the transactions!

Don't forget that we have our own community. There you can chat with other players about the game HEIR OF LIGHT, you can ask questions experienced players, learn some tips, participate in lotteries and much more!